Snapdeal banks on #FathersCanBeMothersToo communication on Father’s Day

21 Jun,2016

By A Correspondent


Snapdeal has released a unique campaign on eve of Father’s Day where it sought to break gender stereotypes. Through its campaign, it aims to change the universal diaper changing sign which mostly depicts a mother changing diapers to include fathers as well. Titled #FathersCanBeMothersToo, the campaign celebrates the changing role of fathers in society and applauds fathers who take pride in hands on approach to parenting.


The campaign caught attention of parents and educators on social media for challenging traditional general roles. #FathersCanBeMothersToo trended on Twitter for more than 7 hours across India, becoming the most popular trend several times during the day. Additionally, #FathersCanBeMothersToo led to more than 6800 conversations and 23 million+ impressions on Twitter. Snapdeal also partnered with several malls and the Hyderabad airport for changing signage on their baby diaper changing stations.


Talking about the inspiration behind the campaign, Kanika Kalra, Vice President- Marketing, Snapdeal said, “The world is changing around us. It is for the brands who belong to a new world to debunk gender stereotypes in the new age. On the occasion of Father’s Day, we decided to update this age old sign to acknowledge the changing face of fatherhood. It immediately struck a chord and we received many heart-warming messages. We hope that people adopt the new sign and question practices like this, which have been taken for granted all these years.”


In the spirit of change begins at home, Snapdeal had kicked off the campaign by inviting all its employees who are fathers to bring their children to office on Friday for fun activities. To adopt the new signage, people can download the new diaper changing station sign from the Snapdeal website which is free for use at businesses, workplaces, public spaces like airports etc.


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