Micromax aims to leave a mark in latest campaign for Canvas 6

01 Jun,2016

By A Correspondent


Micromax has launched a new campaign promoting its new product launch – Canvas 6. The Canvas 6 is Micromax’s first smartphone to be equipped with a fingerprint sensor making each smartphone highly personal, protected and easily un-lockable making it the perfect option for the new age evolved users.


With digital medium becoming increasingly critical and important for Micromax to connect with its consumers, a digital campaign has been rolled out to put across the compelling features of the smartphone. The digital campaign is based on the insight that young individuals today strive to leave a unique mark in the world. The hyper-social youth today aims not only to achieve their goals but also create a long lasting and visible impact with their hard work and dedication.


Micromax along with its production house Sniper have come up with a refreshing digital campaign which showcases today’s millennials as individuals who don’t want to give up and are willing to push themselves to succeed and the new Canvas 6 is a smartphone designed specifically for them. The digital Canvas 6 film depicts a series of individuals writhing in their struggle to achieve what they set out to. The film talks about embarking on the less travelled path is never easy, however, one’s determination to triumph over the challenges such as the fear of failure drives them to push through, break barriers and succeed and leave their mark on the world. The campaign uses the thumbs and eventually the fingerprints as symbols of each individual’s identity. The fingerprint motif seamlessly ties each of the individuals to the product’s key features – its finger print sensor.


Commenting on the campaign, Shubhajit Sen, Chief Marketing Officer, Micromax Informatics said, “At Micromax, we believe in redefining the smartphone experience and the introduction of new Canvas 6, brings to life our vision of Micromax 3.0, as we are re-emphasizing our commitment to bold, fearless innovation that meets the needs of our ever demanding consumers. With Canvas 6 we are offering our consumers a premium device that sports fingerprint sensor for great security and personalisation, full metal body for great looks and great specification and functionality with unique service offerings through ‘Around’. Our new digital campaign ‘leave your mark’ ties in well with the features of the smartphone as well as bring alive Micromax’s new brand philosophy of “Nuts.Guts.Glory”


Commenting on the campaign, Chahna Rupani, SVP & Executive Producer, Sniper says, “We wanted to conceptualize a video for Canvas 6 that seamlessly married the brand’s philosophy with its new feature, the fingerprint sensor as well as connect with its consumers- the young and hyper social beings. The challenge was to present the quality of this feature subtly and aesthetically for it to resonate with the uncommon individual. So instead of casting actors, we chose real artists from varied underground art movements as they strive to leave their mark through their unique expressions.”


Commenting on the campaign, Rahul Marwaha, EVP, Interactive Avenues said, “We see an emerging trend in the Video consumption as far as the digital realm goes. ‘Leave Your Mark’ is a digital TVC that echoes the real-life stories of today’s youth. With Micromax going through a brand makeover, we made sure the new philosophy is communicated in a seamless manner.”


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