Aggie & Josy present Ad Club’s hosts Ad Review

16 Jun,2016

By A Correspondent


The Ad Club hosted its annual Ad Review on Wednesday with the theme ‘Who cares? Vs Who cares’


The highlights of the event included engaging and insightful presentations by Agnello Dias, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Dentsu Taproot India, and Josy Paul, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India. Shubhajit Sen, Chief Marketing Officer, Micromax Informatics, moderated the event.


Dias named his presentation – Everybody cares and no one gives a damn! The name had the audience in splits and made an interesting start for the event. He explained the reason for the name by saying, “We live in paradoxical times. Times, when the whole world seems to be hell bent on saving the whole world from the whole world, because every creative is cause and every person is a vigilante in a mission.”


The focus of his presentation was on the target group aspect, basically, ‘Who’s watching?’ According to Dias, earlier there used to be a dialogue between the audience and the marketer in the form of communication, till the target audience understood what was being conveyed everyone else did not matter. But the communication now has become a ‘trialouge’; there is another party who is intervening between the above mentioned parties. So, now, there is this large group of people who are listening what the consumer is being told and they are adding their two bits to that which the consumer is listening to as well. Now, they are doing it the other way round, by adding their opinion on what the consumer is saying and conveying it to the marketers. The marketers cannot ignore this group since the audience is also listening to these communicators who act as middlemen.


He explained how the audience has changed and it is about the product consumer vs. the communication consumer, where the latter influences the former. Dias gave the example of Lifebuoy’s Chamki campaign- which created awareness about using hand wash soap after child birth to avoid any kind of infection for the baby, through an experiment in a village, Ariel’s ‘Share the load’ campaign and Fortune oil’s ‘Mother exchange’ campaign to put across his point about the power of relevance today. “Content without relevance is art and content with relevance is advertisement,” he said. He concluded by saying, “So, what does this mean for brands? Welcome to a world where every ad is a corporate ad and there are no product ads anymore.”


Paul started his presentation by showing an amalgamation of the ads which he thought made an impact and chose to call it ‘artistic stupid impression’. While the earlier presentation was more about content, this presentation highlighted the relevance of context in advertisement.


“People care about context and not advertisement. Nothing matters unless there is context,” said Paul. He stressed that while everyone focuses on the content, it is equally important to focus on the context. “People respond to something that is deep within us, as the world gets more complicated, people want more roots. Contexts are about roots. They are seeking those collective roots so that they can make sense of this chaos that is happening. Contexts give reference to these roots,” he added.


Paul stated that the consumer reacts to context which starts and grows the conversation. The authentication of content is through context. According him, while context is remembered, context is fleeting. Throughout the presentation he showed various national and international ads to explain it further. He lauded Truly Madly’s ‘Creep Qawwali’ as a good social context example in conveying the menace faced by many women. He ended it by saying that “Everybody cares,” as an answer to the topic of the evening.


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