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09 May,2016


The jury session of the Kyoorius Advertising, Digital and Media Awards happened last week in Mumbai. The D&AD-backed jury saw a mix of top international and Indian names in the business. Anuka Roy caught up with the Jury Foremen of the three categories about the process followed


R. Balki, Group Chairman, Mullen Lowe Lintas Group

Advertising Awards Jury Foreman


On the judging process: It was an open jury and a very transparent process.


About the entries this year: There are a few gems which are hidden under a lot of mediocre stuff. I think the percentage of good work is higher on the whole


Whether the entries were at par with international  standards: There is no such thing  as an international standard. Advertising is not about international standards, it is about what is different, creative and relevant to our audience, and I do not think there is any one standard, either globally or locally. We produce work they cannot produce and vice versa because it is for two different kinds of audience. There is no International or Indian. There is just a standard for great advertising. What our country produces is different in thought, but it is phenomenal. And we should preserve our uniqueness.


Ralph Barnett, National Creative Director, Sapient Nitro

Digital Awards Jury Foreman


On the judging process: The judging was always going to be tricky and complex. I think we wrestled hard with the categories, but at the end of the day, the cream rose to the top. The good work stood out.


About the entries this year: There is a spectrum of entries, from stand-out work to the kind of expected work that you would see from around the world.


Whether the entries were at par with international standards: I think, definitely. The best work coming out of India can hold its own against the best work from other parts of the world. Each is special in its own right because it celebrates the unique cultural attributes of Indian society. I also think some of them resonate at a global level as well because they deal with universal issues. Certainly, India has the calibre of creative talent to mix and match with some of the best in the world.


Mike Florence, Head of Planning, PHD Media

Media Awards Jury Foreman


On the judging process: I really enjoyed the judging process, t is an open process and I think all judging should be that way. Actually, most judges always judge for the best work and what people think, what goes behind closed doors may not be the (right) case. It is good to have this (the judging process in Kyoorius) openness from the beginning. On a personal level, it is amazing to see work relating to the nuances of Indian people and culture. What it also means for me is that some of the advertising can also make the world a better place. There are certain problems that need to be fixed, like giving women a louder voice, which, campaigns like Ariel’s ‘Share the load’ help do.


About the entries this year: They are of a really good quality. India’s got real talent out there. Some of the campaigns are great. I think, potentially, entries in future should think about the categories they are being placed in. I think we can get a bit tight on that. Overall, the quality was as good as at Cannes or anywhere else.


Whether the entries were at par with international standards: Definitely. I think the ones which I believe were good would definitely stand on a global stage. In June, Cannes will also see some of this work.  Indeed, India is a contender on the world stage. The ‘Share the Load’ work is as good as any agency in the world can produce, and I do think it can clean up in Cannes. There is brilliant talent and loads of opportunity. A lot of the work can help make the world better, make India better and that means it has got the attention of the world because related marketing is what people strive for the most.


This story first appeared in dna of brands on May 9, 2016


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