VOOT aims to make you wanting for more

18 May,2016

By A Correspondent


Did you ever want to watch a particular episode of your favourite TV show suddenly in the middle of a work? Or have you ever been restless to catch the final episode of the series you are addicted to? Well, we all have through these sudden impatient urge to catch our favourite shows on the go or at weird hours. This is exactly what the new marketing campaign of Viacom 18’s digital VOD (video on demand) service VOOT captures.


The campaign- ‘VOOT wanting wanting’- has been launched with purpose of making VOOT the go to destination for quality entertainment content consumption through over the top (OTT) services. The focus will, for now, be on the top six markets of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Hyderabad. With over 17,000 hours of programming (across languages and genres) including television shows, movies, cartoons and some original VOOT creations, this service promises viewers   content that is addictive in nature. Thus, the campaign,gives emphasis to the fact that when one is addicted, they need to get that thing as soon as possible and as often as they can. Any roadblocks on their path make them restless.


“Our core idea of creating an exclusive destination and maximising watch time is reflected in this campaign. We believe this business at heart is a content business. All our efforts have been to create the VOOT experience- both in terms of content and product offering- that will leave our viewers addicted and therefore keep coming back for more anytime and anywhere. And that is the singular message that you will see in all our communication- You are most happy when you VOOT, but being away from VOOT will leave you restless and wanting wanting for more” said, Gaurav Gandhi, COO, Viacom 18 Digital Ventures about the brand campaign. Akash Baneji, Head of Marketing and Partnerships, Viacom 18 Digital Ventures, speaking about the idea behind the campaign, said,“India is at the cusp of exciting times. A whole aspiring generation of digitally equipped Indians is charged up by the everyday possibilities around them. VOOT believes we can be their happy entertainment stop. But our brand of happiness is unique. For people who spend hours on mobile it is the urge, restlessness and the excitement to connect instantly with great stories. That was precisely the context and the overriding principle that led to the creation of these creative.”


The campaign comprises three TVCs with different protagonists in each of the films- a woman, a kid and a young boy – thereby highlighting the appeal of content available on VOOT catering to multiple TGs (Target Groups). The TVCs highlight VOOT’s key proposition of having content so addictive that once you start watching, you just can’t stop (Ek bar watching toh non-stop wanting).


“Some few things we kept in mind when we got the brief are the content is so good, there are both long and short format content and the quality of content is so good that you cannot stay away from it. That is the premise we operated with. It is entertainment that you can consume anywhere anytime. That was something we expanded on, which is for us, what happens when you are with some exciting entertaining programme and people and things come in the way” said Ayyappan Raj, Executive Vice President, MullenLintas, one of the key brains behind the campaign.


This campaign will be promoted within all Viacom 18 channels as well as channels outside their network.


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