Miami Ad School bags a Pencil at D&AD Awards 2016

03 May,2016

By A Correspondent


A group of three students from Miami Ad School won a pencil at D&AD awards in the New Blood category on a campaign built to empower the audience to take action against injustice in a real and meaningful way.


‘Taking Injustice Personally’ is their big idea for Amnesty International in the New Blood Awards 2016. People engaging with Amnesty do not see human rights as very relevant to their lives and that was the challenge. The campaign called for entries to bring to life the meaning of ‘Taking Injustice Personally’ for the target audience, and help them to see Amnesty International as the way to do something about it.


Team from Miami Ad School consisted of three students – one each from Mumbai, Madrid and San Francisco. Upaasna Rajaram, one amongst the three students is pursuing her second year of Copywriting program at Miami Ad School, Mumbai. On winning a pencil, Upaasna says, “We chose Amnesty International because the brief was something that we all related to and we thought it did more than just advertising for a product or service. It feels great and almost surreal to have won the coveted pencil since D&AD is one of the most difficult student advertising awards to succeed in.”


The campaign is designed to be a new series from Netflix & Amnesty International that helps give a voice to the victims of human rights violations. Audiences can learn more about the issue, the characters and their stories with each ongoing episode. Before the finale the series becomes interactive, empowering invested viewers to make a difference that they can actually see.


On winning this award, Raj Kamble, Director, Miami Ad School, Mumbai commented “It is a delight to see our students win prestigious awards consistently across award platforms. 31 nominations and awards in three years is fantastic. Kudos to the students!”


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