Tarun Rai: Having JWT and Contract in Top 3 is the best part

11 Apr,2016

It’s a hat-trick for you…

Yes, it’s fantastic, three years in a row. JWT is on top and Contract in comes at No 3. So for me, it is even better news than just being at the top.


Since you’ve have joined JWT things have changed. We’ve heard about you you working in the background to rebuild the agency. Tell us more…

I have just finished a year myself, last month. It has been a very, very exciting ride. And most people don’t know, but there has been a complete turnaround in business performance. And here, we’re at Goafest and to be able to also do well creatively — and again not just for JWT but also Contract — is extremely heartening for me. The other thing I believe we have won on, are big brands like Unilever and Godrej. And to me there are other many other firsts to this. We have also won the Young Abbys Gold, and to me that is very heartening too. Not only have we won the maximum number of Golds, but also the maximum number of metals. I understand there were 200 shortlists, which itself is a record. So the sense I get is that our work is looking better across the board, and also to have won in various categories, including PR, shows us that we are winning across platforms. So overall, it has been fantastic news to me at Goafest, and it feels great to be here. Over the last one year, I think we have succeeded in turning the agency around. And I think we are poised to have a fantastic 2016.


What is being the No 1 agency at Goafest mean to an agency which has been success and has a rich past?

It means a lot. To me they’re awards, but awards are a reflection of what’s going on in the agency. They’re a huge pat on the back to all the creative people we have. And as I said, to have both JWT and Contract in the Top 3 is the cherry on the cake. I feel really honoured to have done so well and it is a tremendous tribute to Senthil, Teesta, Ashish of Contract and the entire team.


One of the things that Goafest is known for, apart from the participation of a lot of big as well as small agencies is, notable omissions. Does that take away from your big win?

I don’t think so. You know it’s up to them to participate or not. From what I was reading in the media, 96 per cent of all agencies have participated. If that four per cent doesn’t want to, well, that’s their decision. So it can’t put a dampener on the victory celebrations.


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