Z-plus security for BARC boss

01 Apr,2016

By A Conespondent


Measurement is a thankless job. TAM CEO LV Krishnan ensured he built his endurance to the vagaries of the business by following a punishing fitness regiment. Last heard he could do 56 push-ups at one go. Now we have heard of some people having 56-inch chests, these many crunches is a bit much.


But in the case of the BARC, things are different. The industry-constituted body has been acting tough with broadcasters. Homes are being monitored to check if broadcasters are influencing them to only watch certain channels. Erring channels are also being warned to behave or else.


Now, media in this country is controlled by all sorts of people. By gentlemen and ladies, and by the not-so-gentle people too. Reportedly at some of the meetings, the BARC CEO has been threatened of crazy consequences.


And now with a minister also questioning the BARC measurement system regime, it was felt that a Z-plus security may be appropriate.


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