Lenovo unveils new campaign for ThinkPad

15 Apr,2016

By A Correspondent


Lenovo India launched a creative B2B marketing campaign, to spread awareness for one of the better kept secrets of the ThinkPad – the fact that it generates the least fan noise amongst computers. Conceptualized and driven by Ogilvy, this comprehensive B2B marketing campaign was kick-started through direct mailers which then expanded into a digital campaign to include a video showcase and social media outreach. Targeted towards IT leaders and decision makers in large enterprises, this B2B campaign is currently being featured across media.


As part of Lenovo’s growing B2B digital marketing focus, the company launched this campaign to create awareness around Owl Wing Fan feature, the latest cutting-edge innovation in a ThinkPad. Lenovo has increasingly engaged in one-to-one partner engagement activities aimed at building a personal connect. This campaign began with an interactive Direct Mailer targeting Lenovo’s B2B customers in the IT space. The mailer captured ThinkPad’s unique Owl Wing Fan feature designed to cut down the noise level in a ThinkPad, aimed at making quieter work environments. Following a great response from the customers, Lenovo extended the campaign to both offline and online media. The team captured video feedback from B2B customers who were asked to test the low noise feature using a sound-level meter, resulting in some interesting and fun reactions. This video was then circulated among relevant stake holders and promoted on social media. Through this campaign Lenovo has successfully managed to convey the message about quietest ThinkPad loud and clear among relevant stakeholders.


Being true its philosophy, the ThinkPad is designed to last and constantly challenge the toughness of the product. As Ultrabooks™ become smaller, slimmer and more powerful, greater demand is placed on the CPU, which in turn generates more heat. This poses the critical challenge of preventing the system overheating, which can cause delicate components to fail and lead to permanent data loss. Modern cooling systems need to be small enough to fit into the compact chassis of an Ultrabook™, and quiet enough to eliminate disturbing ambient noise – so efficiency is everything. ThinkPad engineers observed that owls possess notched feathers that enable air to pass over their wing surfaces more silently than any other bird. This inspired the design of the Owl Wing fan, with unique notched blades that make it the most silent and efficient fan ever made.


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