Zee’s Eng news channel to be called WION. To launch mid-2016, digital-/mobile-first, TV channel later

15 Mar,2016

By A Corresondent


Okay, the name is not the regular news channel-y name that one expects. But, then in October 1992, one asked similar questions of a channel called Zee TV. And there was the other network which had a weird name. Something that went twinkle, twinkle… Ah, yes, Star. So, for those who are wondering ‘yeh WION-waayan kya hai’, chill. The name will grow on us. It’s what the folks at Zee Media have christened the proposed global English news channel. The channel will report global news and issues from a South Asian perspective. It’s hence called World Is One News or WION, in short. Interestingly, it will be a mobile/digital-first platform and will be an international television channel later. WION is scheduled for a Summer 2016 take-off.


Subhash Chandra

Commenting on the new channel, Dr Subhash Chandra, Chairman, Essel and Zee group said: “Zee Media’s new Global English News Channel – WION, will look to offer a seamless experience to empower, educate and energise our discerning viewers. Inspired by the group’s motto, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam-The World is My Family”, WION aptly stands for ‘World is One News’ and will give a global view of the world with a South Asian lens.”


Rohit Gandhi

Sharing more details on the news network, Rohit Gandhi, Editor-in-Chief – English News Broadcast and Related Content said: “With WION, we will meet the aspirations of two billion South Asians by delivering a global news network reflecting a South Asian world perspective. It’s high time for South Asian reporting from frontlines, warzones and prominent global capitals,” adding: “While a TV channel is the face of this mobile-first start-up, our newsgathering, reporting, production and publishing processes are an ambitious leap into a multiscreen future. We aim to disrupt conventional ways of thinking about news and set a new template for storytelling across platforms.”

As mentioned earlier, WION is a mobile/digital first platform and later will be an international television channel. The network will use technology to bring in user-generated content and the  news gathering teams will be equipped with mobile technology for an ‘anytime-anywhere’ live approach. WION will have bureaus across the globe. Using a mix of young and seasoned journalists with diverse nationalities, notes a communiqué.


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