Red Polka unveils ‘The Chosen One’ campaign

08 Mar,2016

By A Correspondent


Red Polka, an online fashion discovery portal, has launched its first-ever marketing campaign to celebrate Womanhood. The campaign titled, ‘The Chosen One’ which is in sync with the brand tagline is to celebrate women and their achievements. In a broad sense, the life of a woman is truly a gifted one with both strength of character and delicate nature of her emotions. Vishakha Singh, Founder, Red Polka, and a firm believer in the aspects related to working women says, “The genesis of Red Polka is to enable amazing designers’ businesses and this campaign is dedicated to celebrate the chosen one.”


The campaign showcases designers like Nishita Toprani of Little Pixie (Little girls clothing), Aradhana Nagpal, Dhoop, Diya Mehta of Diya Mehta Clothing, Devangee & Shruti of Vivat, Pooja of Intoto footwear. Rolled out with an outdoor presence at prominent locations in Mumbai, the campaign will also be activated on digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


For Red Polka, it is not just about curating designs; it is also about storytelling of several designers. The campaign showcases designers with their element of design like floral bands for Nishita as she uses flowers in all her designs, a wooden goat from Assam for Aradhana as her design inspirations come from eastern part of the country, a tree for Diya Mehta, as she is inspired by a tree and her logo, carries a tree. Black and white raw effect has been given to give a real feel to the story.


Vishakha Singh, Founder and CEO, Red Polka says, “In the last one year, Red Polka has been accepted by both designers and shoppers. The repeat visits by customers on our portal and renewal of designers’ registration with us is a testimony to the fact. While we celebrate womanhood every day, we decided to dedicate this week’s edition to be The Chosen One and rolled out a campaign to celebrate amazing stories from real life.”


With the traffic on the site steadily rising, Red Polka has been undertaking strategic marketing initiatives. The company organized activation through Red Polka show, an offline and an online initiative in Powai and Bandra last week. This first ever exhibition saw a massive crowd of shoppers checking the spring collection.


Vishakha Singh, Founder and CEO, Red Polka says, “We are overwhelmed with the response we got for ‘The Red Polka Show’. Because we handpick designers and their products, it is important to see the impact of curation and it was lovely to see bags in hands of shoppers with 75% of conversion at these offline shows. For a startup, these tractions add to the motivation to drive ahead.”


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