Ogilvy Kolkata unveils brand campaign for Mission Hospital

18 Feb,2016

By A Correspondent


The Mission Hospital has unveiled new campaign that comprises a series of films. One of the finest healthcare facilities in Eastern India, its message in these films is simple – top-quality affordable and dependable healthcare is now close at hand.   Conceptualised by Ogilvy Kolkata, the films reflect the real life healthcare concerns of suburban residents, and how they are addressed by The Mission Hospital.


The first film, ‘Emergency’, is set inside a humble Bengali household and documents the fears of a wheelchair-bound lady coping with her husband’s heart attack. As the film progresses, she reveals that had it not been for The Mission Hospital’s emergency ambulance services, she would have been utterly helpless.


‘Kite Runner’, the second film, follows the journey of a wistful child as he recalls how he could never keep up with the kids in his neighbourhood when they played outdoors. The film ends on a positive note, as the child demonstrates his new found vigour, thanks to the heart surgery performed on him at The Mission Hospital.


In the third film, we are introduced to an anxious man traveling home in a taxi. Having just landed in India from the US, his intent is to take his father back to the US for treatment –where he believes there are better surgeons. Much to his surprise, he finds his elderly father en route, jogging and active after knee replacement surgery at The Mission Hospital.


The fourth film, ‘Wedding’ opens on an elderly father. He is in a tizzy about how he will be able to organise his daughter’s wedding owing to his need for an angioplasty. He’s mulling over the extensive recovery period that will render him bed-ridden, but only until he was assured that the angioplasties performed at The Mission Hospital are minimally invasive with a rapid recovery time.


Sujoy Roy, Creative Director Ogilvy, Kolkata states, “The result is a sense of gritty realism that instantly strikes a note with the audience.”


Dr. Satyajit Bose, Chairman, The Mission Hospital Durgapur said, “Our mission is to decentralize super speciality healthcare, and deliver it to every doorstep in Eastern India, beyond the metropolis, and heal Patients with dedication, honesty and tender loving care. These films are an assurance of that.”


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