IDFC Mutual Fund unveils ‘Dil Ke Ameer’ campaign

16 Feb,2016

By A Correspondent

IDFC Mutual Fund has launched a digital campaign titled “Dil Ke Ameer” that helps build relevance for mutual funds as a category by making vivid to people what they desire in life.

The campaign,  co-created by TBWA\India and Bombay Design Centre, takes people through a series of dreams that they would like to fulfil in their lives. The experience of watching your most cherished dreams in the form of a personalised video which can be shared through social media is an energising and reflective moment for people engaging on the website. People showing commitment towards saving and investing in pursuit of their goals can seek IDFC Mutual Fund’s assistance in making their dreams a plan.

“Our life narrative is shaped by the events that make our lives worth living. The ability of the IDFC brand to make people’s dreams into a plan make it a powerful force for good in shaping the story of their lives,” said Rishi Kakar, Director of Marketing, IDFC Mutual Fund. “‘Dil Ke Ameer’ are people who treat their dreams as plans. They plan their life – their time and finances towards making these joys real for themselves and their loved ones.”

“We are one of India’s largest asset management companies, with a robust network of  financial advisors, said Kalpen Parekh, MD, Sales & Marketing, IDFC Mutual Fund, “Our expertise in asset management, combined with the financial planning acumen of our esteemed advisors, can now make it easy for you to save and invest towards things you most cherish!”

.Commenting on the campaign, Parixit Bhattacharya, Chief Creative Officer, TBWA\ India said, “It is the heart that makes a person rich. And money is best spent when it serves our heart. The message seems to be resonating with people. Over 8500 videos have been created already. I hope more people use their money smartly to be able to do things that make them happy. After all, happy is the new rich.”

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