‘Digital campaigns tend to drive women audiences’

11 Feb,2016


By A Correspondent


Millward Brown, the WPP-Kantar brand, communications and media research unit, conducted its annual media gathering – ‘Millward Brown Media Conclave 2016’ in Mumbai on Tuesday. This year’s event focussed on the growing importance of digital in the larger media mix and played host to some of the country’s top most CMOs, media heads and media insights leads.


Mark Henning

From the complexities of consumer journey marketing, the constantly evolving media mix and the challenges in programmatic buying, there is an interesting content versus context battle underway. All of these were discussed as part of the conclave. In the words of Mark Henning, Head of Media & Digital, Millward Brown (AMAP): “We at Millward Brown have focused on the growing importance for brands to manage content to be delivered in the right context. In India, we have invested in campaign measurement capabilities that will be available to advertisers, agnostic of whether their campaigns are static or programmatic.”


The Media and Digital team at Millward Brown collated and mined close to 130+ Indian campaigns they’ve evaluated in the recent past. A consolidated analysis of the studies, revealed some thought provoking insights. Some of the findings include,

:: Digital adds newer audiences, incremental to the reach delivered by the traditional media channels
:: Despite low internet penetration, digital campaigns tend to drive female audiences; especially ‘favourability towards brands’ and ‘Purchase Intent’
:: Performance of ‘made-for-web’ ads has been observed to be far higher than ‘repurposed’ ads for video campaigns
:: Mobile ad campaigns perform as well as the Desktop ad campaigns


Ashish Karnad, Director, Media & Digital Solutions at Millward Brown (South Asia) said “Marketers in India have not been able to keep up to speed with the growth of the Digital medium. While I see an intent to spend more on Digital, the actual spends tell a different story. We, at Millward Brown, have been doing studies on the efficacy of the digital medium for some time now. We now have quantified evidence to prove that Digital is a very cost efficient medium and can be very effective in building brand metrics across the purchase funnel.”


At the event, Millward Brown also took the opportunity to launch the India chapter of its global partnership with ComScore to announce a joint offering. The partnership, to jointly offer vCE (validated Campaign Essentials) and Brand Lift Insight, is designed to give brands a far deeper understanding of how their digital campaigns are performing.


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