16 buzzwords that will trend in A&M in 2016

04 Jan,2016


1. Content marketing, native content

Yes, there may be a thin dividing line between advertorials and paid content being passed off as the regular thing, but in the digital domain, care is being taken to tag sponsored content and not devalue the brand. Other forms of content marketing will also gain ground, especially for products and services that need to promoted by editorial-like offerings


2. Programmatic buying

The large media agency networks and clients are talking of this already, but as the year progresses, programmatic will be the way to go on digital. Will it work for television and print? Not anytime soon.


3. 4G boom

Airtel, Idea and Vodafone already have their 4G offerings, and Reliance Jio recently launched it for its employees. Expect loads of action on the advertising and promotion front on this. But the real difference will be after the service becomes operational pan-India. Digital devices will boom.


4. Start-ups, e-commerce

We won’t get into the statistics of how many start-ups are launched every few hours in the country, but more than ever before, the start-up culture will proliferate. Not just in dotcoms, but also towards service-providers in the field of A&M


5. Digital media advertising

The smartphone is ubiquitous, not just in the towns and cities, but also in the hinterland. Once 4G becomes a reality — and with the government figuring that it is its telecom infra that will drive the nation — expect digital media advertising to finally take off.


6. Social Media

Social media just cannot be ignored when it comes to reaching out to the connected generation. There are already a category of goods and services whose primary medium is social. This is only going to increase as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter start doing their damnedest to reach out.


7. Integrated marketing (aka The Rise of PR)

Thanks to the rising costs of traditional media with doubts being expressed on its efficacy, there is a greater emphasis on integrated marketing. For instance, while public relations was always considered important by organisations, with social media around, it is now being actively integrated into the marketing function


8. Influencer marketing

While at one level it’s the way to go, given the rising influence of social media, reaching out to influentials in the environment they inhabit, also becomes crucial.


9. App-ify it!

Apps are everywhere, and a surer way to reach out to consumers and prospectives. In 2016, more and more consumer-facing organisations will app-ify their interactivity.


10. Branded content and product integration

With direct media costs becoming prohibitive, product integration with content – especially in films, television and print — is going to the order of the day.


11. Think Visual, Videos

With attention spans decreasing, the emphasis is on engagement and what better way to achieve this than with a visually-appealing presence. Digital is going to boom with videos. Okay, this was set to happen two years ago, but with 4G around, it’ll just become simpler.


12. Personalisation

It’s easier done in digital, and that’s the way it will be for websites and apps on all platforms. Give the consumer what s/he wants, goes the adage.


13. Think Regional, Think Local

With the growth of the digital medium, and digitally-served traditional media, the growth in going local will increase. With strong regional play, digital can leapfrog ahead. Shall we say, only with strong regional play…


14. Television micro-targetting

This isn’t new with geo/micro-targetting already on in television, and tried out much earlier in print. In digital, too, it’s easily done. More and more marketers will seek that in 2016.


15. Rural Focus

This is not just because of the recent introduction of rural audience measurement by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC). Rural consumption is growing, and with better mobile connectivity, even media-dark pockets will see consumption of content and services.


16. Storytelling

With all the emphasis on technology and forms of delivery, remember what’s most important is the craft of telling a story. Often, strategy and the creative message are thrown out of the window, and it’s all considered a waste of time and money. Perhaps not.


This first appeared in dna of brands dated January 4, 2016


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