Visual strategy & content distribution company VNR MediaWorx launched

08 Dec,2015

By A Correspondent


Riding on the emerging trend of ever-increasing visual content consumption, a specialist visual strategy and content distribution company, VNR MediaWorx has been launched. VNR MediaWorx aims to draw on the collective viewership of the 200 odd regional news channels in India to provide a more captive and receptive audience to these marketers.


VNR MediaWorx is the brainchild of communication veteranPrasun Peter who has spearheaded the communication mandate for innumerable Indian and international corporates over the past 18 years. VNR MediaWorx will be India’s first visual strategy company that will harness the changing media consumption habits of the masses – by shifting the focus from text-based communication to video and visuals based communication. The biggest beneficiary of this service will be MNCs, big corporate houses and the PR & corporate communication industry. This will be a very potent tool in the hands of the marketing professionals, greatly enhancing their consumer outreach and radically changing the rules of the game. VNR (video news releases) would be the company’s primary offering to its prospective clients.


Prasun Peter

Speaking on the occasion Prasun Peter, Founder and Chief Strategist of VNR MediaWorx said, “There is a seismic shift in the way video is being consumed. News channels have proliferated across the country. Better and ever-present internet connectivity coupled with the tremendous growth in the number of personal viewing devices (TV, laptop or desktop, smartphones) is leading to  people consuming all content –  including video — at an all-time high and ever-increasing rate. VNR MediaWorx is our effort to tap the potential of these changing trends of increasing video consumption to reach new audiences for our customers.”


It is noteworthy that India is one of the top three video consuming markets. Over 60 million users watch online videos on their computer. And almost the same number of videos on mobile. On an average, around 5 billion videos are watched every month.


Prasun further added, “We aim to empower communication through effective use of the visual medium. If a photograph is worth a 1000 words, imagine the impact when the photograph is replaced with a gripping video messaging.” Talking about the germination of the idea and its incubation, Prasun added, “This is an amalgamation of our communication understanding with visual content expertise. We have been working on this idea for the past 4 years, putting together the various cogs in place. We have established a network of associates across the country, to ensure a seamless service offering.”

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