‘Tis the time for crafting ads for awards!

22 Dec,2015


By Jagdish Acharya


Happy days are here again. Although Goafest is in April, its shadow looms longest over December, generally considered the last month for entries to be submitted. Going beyond the wham-bam-thank you scams, here is a look at some of the archetypes of the awards season.


1. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the year

His maxim? Every ad has a client. He could be the most reticent member of the team, but come December, he creates his dream ad and before one can say ‘scam’, makes it legit by selling it to a second-hand bookshop, a pet store or that Chinese dhaba down the road. Duly approved and paid for by the newfound advertiser.


2. Joseph Goebbels: The virulent propagandist

This is a seniors’ avatar, of the creative chiefs who subject their subjects to a barrage of jingoistic mails and butt-kicking one-liners. Everyone comes with his own, one better than the other. Sample these: ‘I don’t give a rat’s ass how you get’ em (the awards) as long as you get’ em’. Or ‘Be the bride or the groom at the (awards) show, not a dancing baraati’. Or even ‘Doosron ke liye taali bajaane mein bahut dard hota hai’.


3. Mother Teresa: The compassionate creator

You could never tell during the year how much this guy feels for the dying in Syria. He stands tall for a cause which itself might change from child labour in one awards season, to blood donation in the next. He avers he couldn’t care less if his work doesn’t pick up an award. The jury is still out on that though.


4. Sun-Tzu: The award strategist

Sheer genius, this guy. He won’t enter that well-known commercial for a telecom services provider under the telecom category. He knows there’s too much competition in that space. He will go figure the number of spoofs and jokes on the ad that filled Facebook, Whatsapp and Youtube, estimate the value of free exposure for the brand, and enter the commercial in the Public Relations category.


5. The Joker: The Supervillain

He’s the spoofy prankster, the party-pooper. His biggest thrill on Earth comes from tracking the sources of inspiration from across the globe and making public a listicle of his fellow creatives who seem to have been thus inspired in their awards entries. He’s the one everyone tries to keep away from. For a month at least, his agency is his Gotham.


Jagdish Acharya is Founder and Creative Head, Cut The Crap. The views are his own.


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