The 2015 Brands Quiz

29 Dec,2015


It’s been an eventful year for brands and rather than do a loooong, boring lookback, we invited avid quizzer and marketing professional Sorbojeet Chatterjee to be our quizmaster. Here are the questions… 25 of them. The answers are available on a lik. Enjoy the quiz and see how many you can answer.


1. He was a Ranji cricketer and a tea taster before he achieved cult status in advertising. He released his autobiography earlier this year. What was it called?


2. With which brand would you associate the #AppWapasi controversy?


3. This Asian Paints TVC features Deepika Padukone along with a yesteryears sportsman. Identify him.


4. Which popular social media platform finally allowed advertising this year?


5. Fountainhead, one of the best event management agencies in India, was recently acquired by whom?


6. Ambuja Cement created one of the best advertising campaigns this year. Who was featured in the TVC?


7. Which leading television channel tied up with Google to introduce in-search voting for the first time in India?


8. Media agency veteran Vikram Sakhuja recently returned to India to join a media agency as a partner. Which agency is it?


9. Which e-commerce brand is the current sponsor of the Indian cricket team?


10. Which telecom brand has tied up with Facebook to provide free internet in India?


11. Pepsi has made way for which Chinese mobile brand as the IPL sponsor?


12. Envies is the internal awards of which creative agency?


13. For which brand was “Aur Dikhao” the campaign?


14. Which popular MNC brand celebrated 100 years in India with a heartwarming campaign?


15. BBDO created the award-winning ‘Touch the Pickle’ campaign for which brand?


16. There is only one Indian ad that has featured in the Gunn Report listing the Top 20 ads of the century across the world. Identify the brand.


17. As per Google, who is the most-searched celebrity in India?


18. Which cult brand created the tactical campaign #WeMissYouToo?


19.  This Amul ad was a tribute to an iconic store that was shutting down in Mumbai. Can you identify the store?


20. At the beginning of the year, a relatively lesser-known agency called Soho Square walked away with the prestigious Grand Effie at the 14th Effie Awards. Which famous campaign did it execute?


21. Surprisingly, ________ emerged as the fastest growing FMCG company of 2015. It was also one of the biggest advertisers in the last quarter of the year. Identify the company.


22. Sachin Tendulkar is the current ambassador for this brand. In fact, the brand even sponsored Sachin’s All Stars team. Identify it.


23. This smartphone brand became extremely desirable with an extremely clever ‘invite only’ marketing campaign. Identify the brand.


24.  What special occasion did this Google doodle depict?


25. Which startup brand deployed boat services in the waterlogged areas of Chennai to rescue people?


How many of these can you answer?


If you get:

0-8 right: go here or here

8-15 right: you are not that ignorant, read regularly

15-22 right: Good! Keep reading, dna of brands ( and watch BrandStand on Zee Business

23-25 right: Excellent, keep it up!

Click here for answers


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