Kinetic unveils new identity

04 Dec,2015

By A Correspondent


Kinetic, the Out of Home specialist has decided to get quirky and stay connected to numerous client ideologies and millions of consumers in the outdoor space. It has created a logo that not only signifies movement and their innovative, creative, fun and bold spirit but also stand out as a perfect amalgamation of the properties put together.


The new logo is designed on geometric patterns, symmetry and directional alignments formed with 3 forces of nature: Earth – Water – Air. The three forces put together create the ‘Kinetic energy’ and convert into ‘Moving Gears’. With this thought, the new Kinetic Logo in the form of gears not only portray Kinetic’s movement, but also convey the idea of connecting with each other.


Similarly the 3 colors, Green – Turquoise – Pink symbolizes 5 pillars of Kinetic – Agile, Focused, Innovative, Passionate and Responsible. Kinetic connects consumers and brands in this increasingly interconnected world. The redesign is also a timely and effective symbol of our new programmatic offering.


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