Jaisurya Das: It’s time you quit! 10 signals to tell you when it’s time to move on

29 Dec,2015

By Jaisurya Das


When you are in an unfamiliar terrain, it is advisable to take instructions “…..Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev in conversation with Barkha Dutt.


I am much inspired by this man with the flowing robes and beard. He doesn’t speak the unheard. He only makes it simpler, funnier and probably easier to remember. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been to have someone tell me what to do when I didn’t know. To tell me whether I was in the right career, the right place or just the right frame of mind. Alas, that was not to be.


Eventually, one relied on instinct and sometime instinct is reliable.


But do we have the time or the patience to check back on our instinct? No, we don’t. We are too busy on our smartphones trying to make sense of what we call life, smartphones included ! 


So here we are….


From experience and its vagaries….A compendium of indicators that could make a world of difference to your careers or sanity for that matter.


No, this is not Gospel truth. Just my own version of wading through the dark without a flashlight..


Read it. Imbibe it if you want, or just forget about it! 


1. You work with a Narcissist Boss 

This is the typical one who thinks of nothing but himself/herself all the time. The one who believes that his/her own view is gospel and it must be accepted without discussion. The Boss who will spare no effort to chide you in pubic because s/he is trying to look good.  One who takes all the credit for everything that you, or your peers do for the company.

2. Zero Communication

You are informed about the company expanding or downsizing from the office boy. There is virtually no internal communication, and only select few are privy to what is going on.  People come and go from your own team,and you are rarely in the loop till you are told to brief them.

3. Appraisals are decided at the pub down the road

Shameful, but it is the reality in a lot of companies. Employees need to curry favour with the bossman and sit with him for a drink when he fills in your appraisal form. Hence a good ‘ Black Dog ‘ with some garlic mushrooms on the side, could very well be the clincher for a whole year’s work.  You take the sun,the rain and the dust in your stride but if the mushrooms aren’t fresh, you may just not get that 4/5 rating. Pity.

4. You’re not invited for the sales review meeting with your team

When the bossman starts interacting with your team directly, you can be rest assured that you will be marginalised in no time. Often happens if you land an insecure boss who wants to know every little thing that goes on in the office  At times, this is also a clear message that they aren’t too happy with you.

5. When you’re told that you needn’t hurry getting back from your vacation

After a hard year, you’re all set for your vacation and mail the boss for a much-deserved 10 days (you’ve never got more than 5) and for the first time ever you get an immediate response telling you to enjoy yourself and take your time about coming back!


It’s fine, you can take a month if you like. No hurry buddy. Good vacation to you. sd/- the boss p.s. ask your team to keep me in the loop daily.


Now, this is trouble! He’s just telling you that you are more than dispensable and everything will work just fine without you. Tsk Tsk.


6. Where gossip is much like prayer

If you’re in an organisation that breeds gossip and is always bitching about one and another, it is almost certain that you are getting nowhere. The gossip culture is rampant and only the smart few who manage to stay away from it and stick to their knitting. It’s a different matter that these companies don’t grow exponentially either. There isn’t time for fresh thinking after all. Yes, it exists all over, but it’s the degree that matters. Move on. It’s safer, believe me.


7. The coffee machine is now under lock and key

Cost management and cost control is essential but when it gets to your cup of coffee, you can be sure there is a problem. So, you now have access to only two cups of your favourite brew in a day.  Contrary to popular belief, the coffee machine doesn’t contribute to very high costs. It’s the air-conditioning and wasted lights etc which do.  And if there really is such pressure, you may want to move on rather than find the main doors locked one fine morning

8. Where the promoters cars get larger and fancier every year, and yet the majority of lights are switched off during lunch hour

Cost-cutting for all, except us! If this is the doctrine followed by your promoters, then it’s certainly time to step out into the Sun. If you are in an enterprise that has its owners splurge on themselves, while the rest of you are busy cutting all corners, then this is indication enough for you to look beyond. A discerning promoter will curtail his or her own expenses first before anything else.

9. If you have actually read this sitting at your desk in office

This can only mean two things; either you have no work which has been assigned to you, or you have decided to ignore the work and do everything else. Well, either way its trouble my friend.


Don’t wait to be asked to leave. It’s easier to resign isn’t it? If not anything you can walk out head high.

10. The Office Boy asks you if you needed large or medium-sized cartons

So it’s time to pack up, or so it seems. Don’t be surprised if this actually happens. Often they know faster than you do and a signal such could mean a pink slip very soon.  Jokes apart, if the place doesn’t make you feel nice and positive about life, don’t stay on.  You will lose much more than just a job in a depressing environment, Take the plunge. Celebrate life.


Isn’t that what life is about finally?


If you don’t feel good about going to work, and its actually drudgery now, stop and think for a few minutes….


Is it all worth it?


Life is about living. Don’t ever forget this.


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