Can any of the Indian ad honchos do this?

17 Dec,2015


Okay, given the fact that most of our biggie ad gurus belong to international networks, it may be tough to do this, but you’ve got to hand it to Publicis Group bossman  Maurice Lévy to present his annual Christmas message in a fun way. As the Guardian commented, he is “well known for delivering a bit of a tongue-in-cheek Christmas video message, but this year he’s outdone himself”. Indeed he has.

Here’s the link:


In the video, Levy (whose coffee mug says “Yes… I am the BOSS”), talks about the times being tough.  He says that normally people like to skip the ads and watch the content, but here’ they should skip him and watch the ads.


We recommend watch the entire message as is, without clicking on ‘Skip Maurice’. Refresh the screen. And then click ‘Skip Maurice’ as it plays on.


Now will someone from our own country do something like this?


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