WATConsult launches SocialCRM247TM for digital crisis management

19 Nov,2015

By A Correspondent


WATConsulthas created a state-of-the-artsocial media command center for real time social monitoring and social crisis management. To be called SocialCRM247TM, the command center has been set up inside the agency’s Mumbai office. SocialCRM247TMwill not only track web conversations around brands but also measure sentiments and impacts of the same. SocialCRM247TM tries to encourage brands to invest in digital media by providing security with social crisis management.


SocialCRM247TM works with keywords and hashtags which are already pre-set for a brand within an online tool. A set of 6 screens monitor the most intricate details of every tiny conversation that takes place around individualbrands and if the conversation exceeds the average level, a notification is sent to the brand’s social media manager. This gives the brand an opportunity to respond to the thread of conversations before it becomes unmanageable, thereby preventing any kind of social media crisis.


Speaking on the need for developing SocialCRM247TM, Rajiv Dingra, Founder and CEO, WATConsult said, “Social media management is a 24 X 7 job. Our social media managers keep an eye on all the conversations happening around all our clients. SocialCRM247TMis a command center that ensures that the best talent in social CRM istracking, analyzing and replying to social chatter in realtime. We believe in the era where Social Media Crisis or insights can make or break a brand. SocialCRM247TM is a much needed service across all brands.”


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