Ogilvy celebrates its own at Envies 2015

18 Nov,2015

By  A Correspondent


Until four years back, the Boys in Black would dominate proceedings at the Abby. The then only national awards for creativity and assorted advertising. The Abby, run by the Advertising Club Bombay and held annually part of Goafest (conducted jointly by the Ad Club and the Advertising Agencies Association of India), continues to be the biggest awards event endorsed by most industry associations.


However, all of this changed in 2013. As Piyush Pandey told the media in attendance on Tuesday, Ogilvywallahs would dominate the Abby so comprehensively, that he kinda found his colleagues according no respect for the metals received. They would often be placed on the floors. Strewn all over.


Even as Pandey was saying this, our inboxes received a missive saying Publics Worldwide boss Nakul Chopra was appointed chairman of the Goafest Organising Committee.


It was clear that Ogilvy isn’t going to participate in the Abby at Goafest. Or is in no hurry to do so.


But it will take all of Ad Club President Raj Nayak’s much known persuasive skills to bring Ogilvy back to send in entries. You can Salman and Shah Rukh together, why even India and Pakistan to try and sort their differences, but not Ogilvy or Lowe to the Ad Club awards. Hmmm.


But, heck, this isn’t a story about all the mess, controversies and politics about Indian advertising awards.

For the third year in a row, Ogilvy India conducted its Envies Awards.

Some 150 entries vied for 25 honours.

They were awarded in various categories, with just one in print.

The event had some interesting accompaniments, including this brilliant session by former Ogilvywallah Hanif Kureshi and his Kyoorius-awardwinning Street Art work.

The entire Ogilvy Mumbai office was in attendance, along with large contingents from elsewhere.


Good fun. Fantastically emcied by Sumanto Chattopadhyay.


Now check the xls.

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