Grey’s ‘Batey’ launches new campaign #NotSoFilmy for ‘Vivo’ smartphones

03 Nov,2015

By A Correspondent


GREY group’s BATEY has launched a new campaign for the growing global smartphone brand ‘vivo’. The vivo smartphones are designed excellent in appearance, extreme video display, and importantly, professional acoustic fidelity. Hi-Fi or High Fidelity music is the unique technology in vivo smartphones to allow its customers to enjoy high quality and high fidelity tunes in their phones.


As pioneers of Hi-Fi music smartphones, ‘vivo’ is all set to redefine Indian music with its latest campaign, #NotSoFilmy, being executed by GREY group’s Batey.


As the tagline #NotSoFilmy rightly gives an impression about creating a non-filmy stuff, and for ‘vivo’ it is about composing an independent non-filmy music for the brand. The campaign by GREY group was initiated with an unbranded video that showed up on multiple locations online, followed by an announcement that introduced #notsofilmy and its broad intent.


Two days after the video surfaced online, three famous Indie musicians were offered a challenge on social media, by vivo, to walk the talk. Independent of each other, Uday Benegal, Monica Dogra and Prateek Kuhad accepted vivo’s challenge to compose a not-so-filmy song for Diwali. Over the next 24 hours, conversations around this unique challenge peaked, as each of these artists began engaging with their fans on twitter. Asking for suggestions on what this song should be.


Alex Feng

Explaining the concept behind the #NotSoFilmy campaign, Alex Feng, CEO –vivo Moblile India Pvt Ltd said “Vivo is a pioneer of Hi-Fi music smartphones. We are striving to make a difference in the industry by offering distinctive user experience to our customers. In India, we found that music is increasingly associated with and defined by Bollywood. Young enthusiasts go through a lot of struggle to gain recognition but end up being the voice behind Bollywood heroes and heroines. Therefore, we want, through #NotSoFilmy, to inspire original Indian music. We expect that this campaign may influence our young, energetic TG with high aspirational values.”


Varun Goswami, Executive Creative Director, GREY group Delhi said, “At a time when phones are being sold on screens, speeds, and selfies, high fidelity audio as a proposition makes for an interesting brief. The rising popularity on Independent music, evident from the exponential increase in music festivals across the country, gave us an interesting in. Via one of the most relevant conversations in pop culture. The eminence of not-so-filmy music in India.”


The campaign is presently in its final leg, and is set to end with the release of the final track, accompanied by a music video, featuring all three artists. Needless to say, GREY group will utilize every experience of working on this campaign, as well as the promotion of the song to drive vivo’s unique positioning ‘as makers of phones with high fidelity audio’.


Samir Datar

“Most brands usually ride a music property, whether it’s on TV or an on ground event. There are very few which have worked towards building an identity for non-filmy music. #notsofilmy is an endeavor to create a platform for talent across the country to collaborate and co-create music that is unique. With Uday, Monica and Prateek on board to create the Diwali song, this is just a beginning. There is lot more to follow,” said Samir Datar, Vice President & Office Head, GREY group Delhi.


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