Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: Will I be wasting my my MBA if I take up event management?

19 Nov,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Greetings and Welcome back to work, more work and Dear MxM !


Much festivity and food happened this Diwali, here at Pune. I suspect a lot of money that normally gets blown up with much noise and smoke actually got diverted to food, lights and shopping.


It is indeed heartening to see that we are probably coming full circle and it won’t be long before we step back into the oil lamp era.


Having said that, the Paris incident is yet another reminder of the new order. doctrines and guns flourishing across the globe destroying peace.


What is unfortunate is, that despite the amazing progress in almost very single sphere, we are still so vulnerable to a few who have been indoctrinated to exterminate without batting an eyelid.


I wonder if it’s time for the law’s of the jungle to be brought in to our lives. Try attacking one in a herd of elephants. It’s unlikely that you will see the light of day after that.


I am against violence and nothing will change that, yet such dastardly acts must be dealt with in a suitable manner. Mercy has no place in this battle.


Well, life must go on I guess, and as always, positivity holds the key to determined success.


So it doesn’t matter if the work isn’t interesting enough or the company’s terrible ; Just take a deep breath and believe that good will happen. Don’t lose sight of reality though !


And yes, before i forget, it’s important to know when it’s time to move jobs.


Ask if you lose your way. It’s not a crime.


So, without further ado, we move on to this week’s Q & A. A melange of questions carefully selected from our readers in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Gurgaon !


Read on ….


I find that my back and neck hurt a lot after a hard days at work. I wonder why my organisation – which requires me to work on the computer for over 8 hours a day in the office and a fair amount of time texting on phone – doesn’t take care to educate staff on how to keep their back and necks in order. Shouldn’t there be a rule for that?

Hi! Thanks for writing in to us at Dear MxM!


You have indeed made a very valid point and i have more than one reason to agree with you on the need for preventive measures when it comes to health.


Quite recently I visited my orthopaedic surgeon who was telling me how occupational health problems are majorly on the rise. Every second person is complaining of either a neck or back discomfort.


This is further accentuated by the mental stress affecting young professionals.


While I certainly believe lots needs to be done in this area, it is indeed heartening to see that there are a handful of corporates that have taken the effort to minimise the discomfort to their staff.


Workshops, yoga classes, gym and spa breaks and more have been incorporated into the work culture.


Rules and diktats rarely work beyond a point so, Personally I would opt for more affable methods which will have a long lasting effect. Organisations need more sensitising to employee health and well being.


Are the CEOs and CPOs listening ?


I am an MBA, and am pretty excited by event management, but I was told that I will be wasting my MBA degree if I take up event management. Is that true?

Oh boy! Whoever told you that? Event Management is Experiential Marketing essentially and a professional qualification like an MBA can never be a waste.


However, any degree’s efficacy lies greatly in its tactile use and hence this is the challenge for most.


Event management is a super exciting career and I can say this with vehemence, having worked on large format events for over eight years.


There is hustle, there is bustle and immense thrill every moment. It sees adrenalin pumping and midnight oil burning like there’s no tomorrow.


One gets to learn practically every principle of management ranging from planning to managing to directing to controlling and what have you !


Today, events and activations are part and parcel of every brand story and is undoubtedly here to stay. Without doubt it’s a career that can give you lots more than just a job. It’s pretty much a lifestyle…


So for once, listen to your heart and go for it To hell with the rest !


Sir, why is that media organisations have dropped their training departments? Everyone expects students to get on the job running!

Good point! This is a serious area of concern which is unfortunately being ignored for some strange reason.Training is essential. Period.


Honestly, I am not sure if media companies have actually had the audacity to drop training, but probably have put it on the back-burner to cut costs. There is immense pressure on costs now given the state of revenues, and unfortunately its such developmental initiatives that face the axe or go “ on hold “ as the much popular term goes.


However, I completely agree with you on this and strongly advocate immediate steps to bring a training calendar back into every discerning media company,


There is a vast difference between costs and investment. Not many people understand this though, and that’s when all the trouble starts. Investments in Training and Development is essential both for performance excellence as well as employee morale.


Hopefully good sense will prevail soon. Amen.


I am a journalist. Last week at Diwali, I found my colleagues in the sales and marketing departments enjoying their holidays while I was working even on Diwali!!! Why this discrimination?

No discrimination really but readers expect the paper to be at their doorstep 365 days a year.


The 2-3 days that are non printing days in itself is cribbed about!


So quite simply the editorial department is indispensable through the year, and hence works those extra days in the interest of the paper’s audience.


Most media companies however give their editorial teams ‘compensatory offs’ basis these missed holidays and hence there isn’t any bias really.


I know it’s frustrating to be working when most of the office is holidaying somewhere, but the best you can do is console yourself by looking at the work you have done and the accolades you have got for your expertise.


Sales teams work pretty much in line with the market and hence if their constituents ( clients and advertising agencies ) are shut they wont work either.


Yes I agree, there ought to be larger editorial teams so people take turns during holidays etc but thats easier said than done. It costs a lot of money to employee people like you, doesn’t it ?


My advice would be to look at the brighter side of your work. There is a lot.


All the very best to you.


Thanks once again my friends for all the kind words. It is indeed very heartening to hear that you’re enjoying reading Dear MxM as much as we do, writing it for you !


As always, we are here because, we care. We honestly do.


We will be back next week, same space, same format but with “ Taaza ‘ Questions and ‘ Kadak ‘ Answers..Dear MxM because We Care !


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