Jaisurya Das: The 10 Big Blunders Media Barons & CEOs Often Commit….

10 Nov,2015

By Jaisurya Das


It is recommended that this list be read and imbibed with a pinch of salt, pepper and if need be, smelling salts.

This compilation is research- and perception-based and does not purport to be a ‘hate manual’ of any kind.

It’s just an attempt to bring method into the madness, if and when taken in the right spirit.


In random order of blunders committed:

1. Seriously believe that that you don’t have to learn anything more.

The famous ‘I know it all’ smirk often signals the beginning of the end. Learning is a continuum and hence it’s important to absorb every little thing around you. This is the only way you can get the pulse, formulate strategy and execute successfully.


2. Stop Listening.

Even the Bhagwad Gita makes a mention of listening as opposed to hearing.  More often than once, the people around you have a better plan, idea or strategy! Listen; It may just be what you need.


3. Believe that your company is Invincible.

Haven’t you heard of the enormous luxury liner that sank on its maiden voyage? The Titanic went down. Anything can.


4. Hire ‘Yes Men’.

Do not allow a coterie to form just to humour you day after day. The critics mean well. They criticise because of their loyalty to the company and its brands.

Listen to them. Believe me, it’s much safer than giving in to the sycophants.


5. Underestimate competition

Unlike what is popularly believed, the competition is working very hard and with a great deal of tenacity.

Before you realise it, they will pull the carpet under your feet, and quietly too.


6. Toy around with multiple initiatives.

Don’t take on more than you can chew. No, you are not Superman.  See one objective to its logical end before taking on the other.  Remember, no one is testing your multitasking skills.


7. Disregard Universal Truth.

Often the obvious truth gets disregarded unceremoniously; it’s things like cash management, spiralling costs etc that get ignored until all hell breaks loose.


This could very well sound the death knell. Keep a keen eye on costs and cash flows. Even a company like yours can have a problem.


Accept it, work around it.


8. Spend recklessly.

The fact that money is easy to come by, and all it takes is one call to your finance head doesn’t necessarily mean the purse strings are left dangling. Increasing costs only put further pressure on your sales teams.


Eventually it gets passed on in the form of advertising rates. Markets react. The competition exploits the scenario and you begin to slip.


Spend, but judiciously.


9. Encourage Gossip.

This is one of the critical problems faced by companies across geographies.  Breeding contempt and destroying internal harmony is the only objective of gossip mongers.

Do not give them a ear, nor allow the others to. This is the only way they will stop.


10. Don’t Take Positive Criticism in your Stride.

There are well-wishers who may give you a tip or two. Accept it with grace for it may just make the difference.  Problems exist in your company and elsewhere too.

It is pointless believing you are in an Utopian world.

Face them, battle them and forge ahead.You can.


So, my friends, let this Festival of Lights bring you and yours, all happiness and prosperity, not to forget fresh perspective.


Wish you a very Happy Diwali!


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