Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: It’s Diwali next week, and I’m feeling quite down in the dumps!

05 Nov,2015

Hello and Welome to Dear MxM, your online partner in the Good & Bad times. Happy to be of help :) 


And the festive spirit is back, isn’t it ?


Online shopping, offline bargaining and what have you!


India’s come of age, hasn’t it?! But has it arrived?


I walk around comfortable in my new pair of boxers…Yet another to my collection of 7 boxers. All American, All Original.


Yes I have been walking around my home for decades wearing shorts, boxers and vests which more than subtly reminds me of the “Stars & the Stripes….. Pity isn’t it that I am Indian and I wear the flag of the United States Of America! Comfortable.


And I am but a minuscule part of the huge universe in India that does the same. It’s soft, it’s bold, it’s colourful, It’s the United States of America!


So are you cringing as much as I am? Then it’s time we realised that there is a brand waiting to be accepted by its own countrymen… India !


Yes, India. 


Unlike what you may think, this is not a propaganda column for the government or its functionaries.


True to heart, it’s just an Indian trying hard to push one agenda…Brand India.

Is this taboo? Is this sacrilege? 


I asked a 132 people over five metros a few questions that were nagging. I got all the answers. I also figured the absence of answers that pointed to just one gap. India. We don’t think it’s a brand at all. Mind you, the US is 🙂


Give India a chance. It’s about time !


You’ll hear much more on this soon. Let Diwali happen. It’s India after all.


Jai Hind.


Patriotism apart, now it’s back to ‘Agony Uncle’ business so please let go of whatever you’re doing, and get straight to your Questions and Our Answers!


I have read on MxM India that the media has turned ​politically ​bi​ased​. While I have read that some of our freedom fighters also used the media ​to attain freedom, do you think it is right for our newspapers and channels to also turn biased?


Ed:  Did we really say this? Tsk Tsk,,,


Well, it wouldn’t be right to generalise on this, Yes, there are sections of the media that have leanings to one party or the other but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are biased.


Media is powerful even today and is capable to shaking the hell out of even the Parliament. The media owners tend to have their own agenda and that’s where it all starts.  When you do have huge business interests, you tend to be extra diplomatic and cautious. This often shows up in the content, which is then termed biased.


There isn’t a right or wrong. It’s all relative. If you liked the party that the media is backing it wouldn’t seem as bad would it?


Media is today much more than news; It’s about information and entertainment. Nothing sacred though!


Media is a business like any other. The faster we understand that, the better it is.




Some people have all the luck in getting jobs, whereas a few of us keep struggling. It’s Diwali next week, and I’m feeling quite down in the dumps!


Why do i sense some negative thinking here ? No one is a professional at finding jobs.Its often just a matter of timing and good luck. Not to say that the candidate doesn’t make a difference but there are other factors too.


The last thing to do is feel disillusioned by this,as that alone can bring you to your knees before you realise it.

Negativity and negative thinking is lethal and is a primary catalyst for a host of physiological and mental ills.


There is a huge world out there and if you do have the talent,you’re bound to get a good job,no matter what it takes.

But,yes you must work on your skills and constantly upgrade them in order to be relevant today and tomorrow.


So stop cribbing my friend ! Life isn’t as bad as it seems.Take a deep breath and work out your plan of action to find an ideal slot.I am more than certain you will land your dream job very soon. All the very best to you!





Is it advisable to give your boss a Diwali gift? And suck up to him (and his family) and wish first thing on Diwali day? Is it cool to do so?


Thanks for writing in my friend! What do you want me to say ? if you plan to do this, then you may just have answered all your own questions at one go…!


Having said that, i must add that giving your boss a Diwali gift isn’t a huge crime.

However, the environment,the culture within the organisation and your rapport with your peers and seniors are important factors to keep in mind when it comes to gestures such.


To answer your other queries on whether its cool to cultivate your boss and family, i can quite vehemently tell you that its far from cool…or hot for that matter?

If you’re looking for a good gesture without overdoing it,do it subtly e.g. a nice handmade card, a box of sweets from your hometown,a nice potted plant etc. .


This way you don’t embarrass the boss man or attract too much attention within the office.

All the best to you in your noble pursuits !



Sir, I am setting up a start-up in the news space. Would you recommend a firm which can advise start-ups in the basics of setting up the firm (registration, taxes, etc) and basics of marketing?


Congratulations young lady.Indeed very happy to hear of your venture. All my colleagues at MxM India take this opportunity to wish you well in this venture.


While the news space is seemingly cluttered and highly TV focussed,there is ample space for others.

Content is the future.Nothing more need be said.


Coming back to your query, I must confess that there is only one that can deliver ( Pssst!Cant tell you more here; mail me or better still, like some of my fellow columnists; Look at the footnote )


Jokes apart,you need to find someone who thinks futuristically, gives you a marketing roadmap keeping in mind the audiences of tomorrow.

Neural networks hold the key to understanding what your consumers want, will want.

Invest in your company’s future, your future. Call today !


I rest my case.





Ladies and Gentleman; Have a splendid festive week ahead. Shop till you drop and so on…

Quite simply, have a blast and get ready for a rocking Diwali.


Yes, indeed, we will be back next week with a fresh round of Questions & Answers that will hopefully make your life a little easier.This is Dear MxM after all, and We Care!


Inbox your questions to with Dear MxM in the subject line



Jaisurya Das (MD & Chief Evangelist; Xanadu Consulting Group Pvt Ltd) is a senior media professional whose consulting practice encompasses brand launch, brand building and creation of sustainable audiences. Deep insight into the functioning of the human brain catalyses the interventions for the brands worked upon. 


He is also Contributing Editor of MxM india. He can be reached at





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  1. Anonymous says:

    India becoming a brand. We might have to redefine the word brand itself to make it relevant to for nations. Lets say if a culture and its artefacts along with its lifestyle captures the imagination of its own people and the others and can be easily consumed .. can be a probable definition .
    In which case Yoga and Kamasutra, the two prominent indian brands, are about stretching and straining and when compared to biting into a Pizza it gets knocked out.