Amith Prabhu: The Kingdom of Dreams experience lacks good Public Relations

16 Nov,2015

By Amith Prabhu


This column is about five things organisations can do build a reputation by focusing on the small things. A visit or life in Gurgaon is incomplete if one has not been to Kingdom of Dreams and watched one of its two shows or at least hung out at Culture Gully, its interesting food court with a difference. The entertainment destination is grand and opulent but misses out on the small touches where Public Relations can come in.


I have been ensured that each of my house guests in the past year and there has been at least one family every quarter gets to watch a show at Nautanki Mahal. While the shows are great, the food is good and the entire experience is larger than life, there are those small things that this place misses out and it could be because of the environment it operates in.


First, the online booking system is a sham. You book in a specific category that is within your budget but at the counter when you collect the tickets the show has been cancelled for absurd reasons and explained in a rude manner. Then tickets for another day are offered in a higher category because the ticket counter associate claims lower categories are not available making the customer believe that these are sold-out. But in reality the lower category tickets are not being sold to push higher category tickets.


For members of the loyalty club programme there are other ordeals to deal with. Often, the card is upgraded to a higher class which in itself is a good thing but the card holder is not informed and he or she gets to know only at the time of a transaction and the entire process of reactivating a card takes at least half an hour, until which time no order can be taken, which means a longer wait to fill the stomach.


Well, these are not just my experiences but those of several others who have gone through them. What can one learn from Public Relations to deal better with these scenarios?


Firstly, transparency. Never fool customers. You can do it once or twice with few or many but not all the time. Secondly, customer is the reason of the existence for any business. Never be rude or arrogant with customers even if they are wrong. Third, a happy customer experience is a guarantee of loyalty. An unhappy experience offered to a customer is a road downhill. Fourth, honest communications is always key to success in the long term. Customers are humans and understand simple explanations. Fifth, never underestimate the power of activism and social media. These are the new ombudsman.


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