Amith Prabhu: Notes from Nairobi from the World Conference on PR in Emerging Economies

23 Nov,2015

By Amith Prabhu


I was in Africa this past week on my maiden visit to the continent to attend the first World Conference on Public Relations in Emerging Economies organised by the Public Relations Society of Kenya in partnership with the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management. While the event title had World Conference mentioned it was largely an African affair with a spattering of representatives from other continents. I was the only Indian and one of two Asian speakers. There was only one other Asian delegate. There were about 20 individuals in all from outside the Middle East and Africa region.


The highlights of the conference were the inaugural keynotes by Lord Chadlington and Paul Holmes. Interestingly, both were keynote speakers at Praxis in the second and third edition. They both shared interesting insights. Apart from these two gentlemen, most other speakers were about average. The conference was about how communications is evolving in the emerging economies in the light of realities that include terrorism and sustainable development.


All in all, it was an eyeopener to a continent with immense potential and endless possibilities. I presented a series of Indian case studies on fund raising and cause communications in a breakaway session which went down well with the audience. It was a great opportunity to discover the sights and sounds of Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.


These gatherings are good but would do well with a healthy mix of speakers and delegates from every continent and every emerging economy. Brazil, China and Russia were not represented and that was not a good sign. It may be a good idea for Indians and the Chinese to come together to create a Regional Conference to share notes between the two economies.


The world is moving at a rapid pace. As this frantic movement takes place India and China are going ahead at breakneck speed. It will be interesting to learn from each other at the next World Conference on Emerging Economies, if there is one.


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