Phillip questions ‘When is the right time’ in new TVC

21 Oct,2015

By A Correspondent


Phillip Capital has unveiled its new TVC across all business and news channels, entertainment channels, theatres and digital medium. Titled, “When is the right time?” the TVC has been conceptualised by the creative team at Six Inches and shot and post produced in Los Angeles.


With the current market scenario, investors have been pessimistic about their investment returns, the general approach and advise on the street – wait and watch due to which Investors have been indecisive. With this new TVC, Phillip Capital aims to inspire investors to time their investments with Phillip Capital.


Based on the insight that the value of time is indeed precious for successful people, the TVC takes the audience on an introspective and sentimental journey. The storyline is spun in a way that the viewer comes to the realisation that time’s true function is to invest in oneself, family and society. That one need not wait to do right things – be it planning for future or pursuing a hobby and timing is everything and extremely relevant too when it comes to investments. Lastly, after the entire buildup of the film, the hook at the end is that “the time is always right to do what is right” and the TVC summates with an actionable tagline for investors “to know when is the right time to invest, talk to Phillip.”


Commenting on this, Vineet Bhatnagar, Country Head of Phillip Capital said, “With our 40 years of financial expertise, we have stood by our ever growing client base and have partnered with them to advise and plan their investments. Our objective with this communication was to celebrate our legacy and also underline the importance of time in markets. Our new TVC expresses this objective through an emotional journey for different people in different phases of their lives and with different objectives. In the end, the TVC highlights the importance of a partner like us when it comes to timing the investments.”


Pravin Shah, Chief Creative Officer said, “Our client brief was “Make it timeless and unique”. And this set us off in an emotive direction. While all financial brands talk about returns, numbers and are a bit tactical about their communication we wanted to touch chords with investors and make the film in such a way that they connect with it in real life and remember it. Our communication is a sentimental journey that inspires & connects with an investor mind set and the amazing backdrop of LA complements to the timelessness that we intended to achieve through this visual story.”


Manish Trehan, Producer, RM Pictures said “I am glad to associate with this story. It takes a certain client and agency to believe in the vision of partners. When I saw the script, I intuitively knew that this story required uniqueness – not only in terms of location but across the talent that will make this film look local and global. LA seemed to be the best choice to achieve the set objectives.”


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