Philips and BBH make every breath matter

21 Oct,2015

By A Correspondent


While air pollution is a major topic of conversation, no one talks about the problem of indoor air-pollution, which in India, is worse than outdoor pollution. Every breath of this polluted air can lead to bigger problems. The Philips Air purifier helps clean the air you breathe in your home because every breath matters. The film conceptualized by BBH India and Directed by Parikshit Vaidya of Gulliver Motion Pictures, aims to deliver this message in a warm and delightful manner.


Said Jayati Singh – Business Head, Air and Health & Wellness, Philips India, “As one of the pioneers in introducing air purifiers to the Indian market, we at Philips have taken the initiative to raise awareness about indoor air pollution and its threats. This simple and catchy campaign is designed to bring to notice the hidden or unnoticeable pollutants at home which, if not addressed in a timely manner, could impact our wellbeing. The idea was to communicate this without scaring people yet call out the problem and its solution in a simple identifiable manner.”


Said Russell Barrett, Managing Partner and Chief Creative Officer, BBH India, “We’ve all had a fantastic experience while working on this campaign. What we needed to communicate was quite clear, but since it was our first project for Philips, it was equally important that we tell stories that fit with the brand that Philips is; an open, positive, charming brand with a belief that technology exists specifically to make life better. So now we only needed to tell a charming, sweet, human story in as simple and entertaining a way as possible. I’m happy to say that, with the help of a really bright director (Parikshit Vaidya) and an incredibly involved and supportive client, we managed to do just that.”


The TVC will be surrounded by digital, outdoor and print across the country.


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