Paper Boat takes trip down memory lane again for new product offering Anar

06 Oct,2015

By A Correspondent


Paper Boat has announced the launch of its new television campaign. The campaign will promote its new fruit offering – Anar and also Aamras.


Conceptualized and written by Lowe Lintas, three short stories (two Anar and one Aamras) explore memories triggered by the products themselves, a core insight that the brand has built its entire portfolio on. The campaign was shot over three days at various locations in Mumbai. The introductory films of Anar showcase a beautiful flashback narrative of a young woman and a man where they revisit their pasts through the drink. The third film re-creates the magic of Aamras, which is also a favorite by volume.


If the first campaign had the signature penmanship of Gulzar, the new campaign matches strides, with lyrics penned by the multi-faceted Swanand Kirkire. Rounding it off is an adaptation of Malgudi Days soundtrack along with the voice of effervescent Usha Uthup who signs off with the brand message.


Speaking about the campaign, Rajesh Ramaswamy, Executive Creative Director, Lowe Lintas, said, “Paper Boat is a brand that is very dear to us. The very name puts a smile on everyone’s face. The passion the client has for the brand is infectious. The way they approach everything is straight from the heart. The best thing is that when you are dealing with the topic like memories, there can be no expert on it. Everyone’s opinion counts. Maybe the essence of the brand makes everyone want to be a part of it, because everyone is right.”


The 30 and 20 seconders are supported by a marketing plan that is designed to maximize reach for the new product. This includes airtime across general entertainment channels (GEC), infotainment, English entertainment, movies, niche regional channels and prominent spots during theIndia-South Africa Series.


Excited about the campaign launch, Neeraj Kakkar, Founder – Chief Executive Officer, Hector Beverages Pvt. Ltd., said, “Picture fluttering butterflies in your stomach on your first science project submission or the first time on a jet plane or that first dreaded day at your dream job. Our second campaign is equivalent to those many important firsts. It is an exciting second. Our drinks are a bridge between then and now; the films are a reflection of this thought, brought to life in a manner that is contemporary. We are delighted with how Swanand Kirkire’s lyrics and Usha Uthup’s voice bring life to our vision, making these videos all the more evocative.”


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