Happy wins creative mandate for Lookup

06 Oct,2015

By A Correspondent


Lookup has appointed Happy Creative Services to handle its creative partner. The appointment is for both the communication mandates, traditional and new age media.


Lookup is a free hyper-local messaging app to chat with any local business. The application was launched earlier this year without much fanfare. Even so, due to its simplicity and relevance to consumers and businesses, it has managed to hit a million downloads within the first 9 months with over 70,000 merchant signups.


Deepak Ravindran, a serial entrepreneur, who has spent over a decade in the messaging industry believes that chat is the future of commerce and envisions Lookup to become the Google of Offline for finding and ordering anything from a cup of latte to a prescription drug from any local store near you.


Currently serving Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, Lookup will soon be launched in 10 major cities by end of this year.


On the partnership with Happy, Deepak Ravindran, Founder of Lookup said “Happy brings to us the perfect combination of sound strategy, creativity, professionalism and young perspective. The brands they’ve built are proof of their capabilities. The team is made of young early adopters who have a pulse on what’s happening today as well as foresight of what will set us apart in the future. That’s very important for a tech-business like ours.”


Speaking on the association, Praveen Das, CCO and Co-Founder of Happy Creative Services said “It’s interesting when both parties are wowed by each other. Deepak is a young founder. And he already has a few startups in his portfolio. He is bold, unafraid and just goes for it. His previous ventures have circled around similar themes, so his learnings are vast. We believe that hyper local is not the next big thing but the way forward now. Lookup partners with us during exciting times.”

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