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01 Oct,2015

By A correspondent


BARC India (Broadcast Audience Research Council) and Médiamétrie announced the integration of Indian TV audiences into the Eurodata TV Worldwide service.


In October 2015, Eurodata TV Worldwide, the world leader in the commercialisation of overseas TV audiences, will integrate the television audiences of BARC India into its services. Eurodata TV already covers more than 100 countries and 6,300 channels in five continents.


Indian television market audiences will also enrich NoTa (News On The Air), Eurodata TV’s new international programme monitoring service launched in 1997. India represents a strategic territory for international audiovisual market stakeholders thanks to a population of 1.2 billion inhabitants, an average age of 27 years, its economic dynamism (3rd GDP in the world, 7.2 per cent of growth in 2014), and the size of its television market with 153.5 million households equipped with TVs as on March 2015.


With this partnership, Eurodata TV will provide daily data (with a weekly reporting lag) for its customers about programming, content and programme audiences in India by target group: producers, distributors, broadcasters, rights managers, sponsors, etc. For example, on 18 September 2015, 114 million Indians watched television between 7 pm and 11 pm. And, BARC will be able to compare the data for its television market with that from countries already covered by Eurodata.


“Thanks to this agreement, Médiamétrie will offer its international customers a more in- depth analysis of the Indian television market, which is one of the leading markets in the world” declared Laurent Battais, Executive Director of Eurodata TV Worldwide. “BARC will be able to benefit from our international sales force and offer the Indian market visibility in five continents.”


Partho Dasgupta, CEO of BARC India said, “There is a lot of demand for Indian audience data globally and this tie-up will satisfy that demand. We are very happy to partner with Eurodata TV as our reseller for the rest of world which will help us grow in reach and popularity. I am certain that with the immense experience of Eurodata TV the relationship will be mutually beneficial.”


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