Di-Mentions Studio bags digital mandate of EsselWorld

01 Oct,2015

By A correspondent


Di-Mentions Studio has bagged the digital mandate for EsselWorld, Water Kingdom in Mumbai and Downtown EsselWorld in Pune. In a little less than a year, Di-Mentions has added value to the digital adjacent of marketing for numerous brands and has seen growth in the digital, strategy and design arena.


“At Di-Mentions, we’ve built our culture and standards on excellence, making a difference, focus and valuing client relationships. Being from a strong background of mainline, my main aim behind setting up a Digital Studio was to take the legacy of D.S. Mittle forward and actually make a difference to brand communications on all platforms,” says Devesh Mittle, Founder and Partner at Di-Mentions Studio.


There is a massive market for amusement parks in India today. With limited government-run public spaces for re-creation, privately owned and run theme parks are an interesting getaway for millions during public holidays. For those who cannot afford to hitch a ride to the nearest hill station or beach, the idea of adventurous rides, lazy pools, food, music and entertainment at EsselWorld and Water Kingdom is a perfect package.


“More and more of our target groups are online and spending a lot of time and money on social media platforms. The youth today plan their outings meticulously and are always looking for unique experiences at a great deal. We have a lot to offer and communicating all of this will be possible in many creative ways with Di-Mentions on board. Surely, this will boost our business and the brand tremendously,” added Singh Sekhon, Sr. Manager of Marketing at Essel Group.


Anoushka Adya

“In the race of getting more likes and visibility, the authenticity of great communication and design is being missed out on in the digital space. Nobody just shares because you told him or her to do so. The questions are, can they relate to it? Do they like what you’re saying? Have you made an instant connection? Have you kept your promise? Do you have a genuine voice?,” says Anoushka Adya, Founder and Partner at Di-Mentions Studio. “Hence, we can say that the USP of Di-Mentions as opposed to other digital agencies in the same space is – Design. We believe “Great Design” is the strongest communicator.”


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