Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: My bro is good at organising Ganpati celebrations in my bldg… Is event mngmnt a respectable profession?

15 Oct,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Greetings,. dear readers. It’s good to see you back with us on Dear MxM, this 42nd week of 2015!


Quite recently a bunch of buddies were discussing start-ups and the much-hyped success of the shopping majors. As much as Rs 350 crore mopped up in a day!


These online e-commerce models certainly amaze me, what with pen-drives at one rupee and amazingly ridiculous offers such. But then, to be honest, I have been considering buying a ‘fat deep fryer’ (or is it the other way around?!) and some cool ‘quadrophonic’ bluetooth LTE/4G-enabled speakers with calling facility and extreme sensory touch tech. Has multiple flashing LED lights as well!


Now, isn’t this just Epic stuff!


As they say its ‘full fun’ for the customer; He is the King after all. All looks very hunky dory as of now but for how long?? Or have I understood this wrong?


What baffles me even more, is the fact that all these online giants rely on print when it comes to impact and traffic !


And yet, we say the younger generation cannot be reached by Print any longer.


Strange paradox. 70%, 80% and 90% discounts, despite losses of 300, 400, 600 crores last fiscal. More paradox.


When am I going to learn that the more you spend, the more you earn?


I think its best that we go straight to our Q&A for the week. As always the blatant truth.

Your Questions, Our Answers @ Dear MxM simply because, we care..


Sir, I have a friend who insists that his creative juices flow best in the wee hours of the day. Although I think he has turned into an insomniac. What is your view?

He may have a point there… Frankly, this may be a very biased answer, since I am pretty much an owl myself. I have personally seen many a friend working through the night primarily to be undisturbed.

Creative juices may or may not have anything to do with the time of day, yet getting some good peace and quiet isn’t a bad idea.

Having said that, it’s pertinent to add the need for 6-7 hours of deep sleep to be able to have the body and mind gets its much required rest. Lack of sleep can create a host of health issues ranging from physical debility to anxiety etc.

I am not sure what your friend’s sleep pattern and quantum is like, though he is certainly blessed to have a concerned friend like you. Am sure he will do just fine.

Let him be, let his creativity flow. Fatigue sets in quite soon, if you burn the midnight oil day after day.  When you’re tired, sleep comes naturally.


I was at an event last week and a leading media professional told me that most media awards are rigged. I don’t agree with this view. What do you think really happens?

Thanks for writing in to us at Dear MxM.

You obviously don’t like me too much do you?

Jokes apart, it’s questions like these that keep us on our toes, week after week.

As always, we work on the simple principle that ‘ what has to be said , must be said ‘ !

At the risk of committing professional harakiri, I must confess that I have heard such remarks being made in the past. Media has been at the receiving end of criticism for time immemorial and hence a lot of us take these things with a pinch of salt.

The media fraternity isn’t really as big as it seems , and hence the same names gets bandied around for most awards. This in itself raises quite a few eyebrows.

Advertising and sponsorships do curry favour with the powers that be in the industry and hence there is a possibility of a few of them being engineered for reasons of PR.

But then, what isn’t engineered ?

Have can we forget ‘The Great Indian Jugaad Trick’.


Sir, my younger brother is very good at organising community events in our housing complex like Ganapati and Navratri celebrations. I have been advising him to take up event management as a career but there are many people who say that it’s not a respectable profession. I seek your advice, Sir.

This is completely incorrect. Events are an important part of the marketing landscape today, be it a launch, award ceremonies or just fancy weddings.

I have personally worked on events for over eight years and enjoyed every bit of it.  Events today offers you excellent careers which are coupled with great creative exposure and operational finesse.  Additionally this is one career that gives you the chance to meet and interact with a wide variety of people be it film stars, musicians or politicians! Teaches you much patience too.

Respect is a state of mind when it comes to work . Work is worship, no matter what you do. How does it matter as to what people say or think about you?

Finally, it’s all about you , your career, your life and the difference you make on this planet.

My suggestion would be that you scout around for a good Event Management course for your brother to enable him get a strong foundation. Alongside he could probably work on a few events as an intern.

Soon enough am sure he will turn out to be a great experiential marketing professional. Sit back and watch him Rock.

All good wishes for his success !


Deserve before you desire. But if you dont have targets, you will never achieve results. What according to you is the right policy?

I am in total agreement of this dictum and strongly believe that without a clear objective in mind, one cannot achieve. Its almost akin to jumping on a train and travelling without knowing its destination…..!

Targets are undoubtedly the catalysts for one’s own growth as they create a level playing field for everyone. Performance is measurable and in Black & White.

No one can refute clearly demonstrated excellence.

Having said this, I must add that setting unreasonable targets is an exercise in futility as they only add to discontent and attrition within the team.

So my friend, accept the target gracefully, chase it like a dream and walk head high into the Sun. All the best !


Here’s wishing you and all at home a fabulous Dassera with much shopping, eating and festivity! Do take good care of yourself. It means a lot to us.


And, yes, don’t you forget that we will be back next week, same day, same space, New Questions and Brand New Answers!


Dear MxM…Yes, We Care.


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