Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: My boss was sacked on his birthday. What does it say about my org’s culture?

21 Oct,2015

By Jaisurya Das


The Eternal battle of Good over Evil… The Season of Dassera has progressed beyond  a time to invoke the Gods to a shopping festival that sees Rs 3000+ crore exchange hands.

No surprise actually what with young promoters stepping into the sun to deliver orders to customers. Now, this is brand-building of the highest order. No fuss, no noise, no entourage, nothing,  Just great delivery.

Brands don’t get built in a hurry. Its initiatives separate the wheat from the chaff.

Keep it up, Gentlemen!!! You are creating history.

On that note, let’s cut straight to Your Questions and Our Answers for this week. Brutally frank, straight from the heart, Dear MxM!

Because we care; we honestly do.

Read on…


Sir, my boss was sacked on his birthday. While a birthday is like any other day of the year, do you think it is right for any organisation to do so?  What does it speak about an organisation’s culture? Shouldn’t the HR/admin manager get the sack for this?

Oh boy! I thought these things happened only in “what not to do”  manuals for HR and top management. Quite disgusting to say the least….

Someone who does this is obviously a sadist who derives immense pleasure from inflicting pain to a wounded being.  You have decided to sack the person, why make it worse ? How is it going to help in anyway?

In fact a warm wish for his birthday, would have softened the blow of a sack to some extent. Allow the person to leave respectfully.

Yes, my friend, you’re rhetoric is absolutely justified. No cultured, people-friendly organisation can even dream of doing something like this.

This is crude behaviour and reeks of a personal vendetta of some sort.

All I can do is sympathise with your Boss. I know not the reasons for his services being terminated (I hope there is reason enough though!) but I certainly know that this is not done.

No, certainly not!!


Sir, I know you have answered this question in the past, but what is the education needed for someone who is getting into ad sales for a television channel?

Thanks for writing in to us at Dear MxM. Essentially most media organisations look for postgraduates in marketing, management, advertising and PR.

Not to say, that the graduates don’t get absorbed for sales ; its just that the numbers are smaller nowadays.  Personally, I have rated Relevant Experience as a much more important attribute in the hiring process.

All the best, my friend!


A rolling stone gathers no moss. Is this true for someone who has moved many jobs?

Yes, this is true and companies and hiring managers are quite wary when they see a track record such…  I can say this with vehemence as i have personally screened out quite a few resumes for this very reason. While there are a few candidates who have valid reasons for several shifts, I personally don’t feel too comfortable.

There is no smoke without fire… You don’t keep jumping jobs unless there is a problem, and if the problem is you, then be sure to get grilled at the interview.

In today’s times I don’t advocate a really long stint at any given company; nevertheless it’s important to be there long enough to prove your mettle.

This common practice of moving jobs at the end of every year isn’t going to help one bit in the long run Moreover bereft of anything to showcase, the candidature becomes insipid.

Hence it’s Elementary, my dear friend. No Rolling, No Moss. Stay put!


I heard the other day that the best CEOs of media companies are those who have done their CA. I am a CA and have an interest in entertainment… will it be a good idea to get into a media firm?

Go for it, tiger! Though I honestly can’t qualify your statement, I have reason to believe a decent understanding of finance would greatly ease some of the tasks at that level.  Finance is a subject that is gaining tremendous importance, what with increasing overheads and tight ropes to walk on in the business of media and entertainment.


Consolidation is the name of the game today with mergers and acquisitions happening regularly. Just this week, we saw an Experiential Marketing giant being bought over. A tight grip on finance would certainly be a significant advantage whether it is negotiation, due diligence or operations.

Best CEOs are those with vision, true love for people and passion to go beyond familiar frontiers; their degrees rarely matter beyond a point.

Media and entertainment is a good space to be in.You are more than welcome, my friend. All good wishes for a super career.


Dear MxM wishes you a very Happy Dassera !

May this festive season bring you all happiness, prosperity and good health.

And yes, while you have a stupendous long weekend, we shall sift through our mail, and get set to be back next week. More Questions, More Answers only on Dear MxM week after week..

Because for us, You mean a lot !


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