Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: Does the adage ‘Slow and Steady Wins the Race’ work in media too?

08 Oct,2015

By Jaisurya Das


hello Friends !


Welcome back to Dear MxM, your very own ‘ Agony Uncle ‘ where the Sun never sets on Living and Learning ! Over the past few weeks, I have been doing a fair amount of informal research to back my recent hypothesis that ‘ Brand Loyalty is history ‘


It’s interesting to see how on the one hand, brand consciousness is on a meteoric high and yet, the consumer has no love lost in courting another brand !


Peer pressure, societal impact, affluence and the propensity to spend are all factors that probably contributed to this dilution of the fundamental emotion of loyalty.


I can’t think of one brand across categories that my own family for instance is loyal to. Coming to think of it besides Liquor and Cigarettes ( Stay far away from both of them ; the latter being worse..) how many people stick to one brand today ?

Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner, TV’s, Refrigerators, Bread, Butter, Tea, Chicken, Computers, Smartphones and what have you! Brand A in and out , Brand B in and out again only to be replaced with Brand C.

Probably the time has come for marketers to delve deep into the minds of the consumer to understand what this new equation is about.

Neurologists may just have a new career option ; Marketing Consultants to Brands.

Life is getting interesting. Go for it!

Time’s up. Your Questions , Our Answers only because its Dear MxM !
Read on friends, Read on….


Slow and Steady Wins the Race… would you say this dictum works for media professionals, or is it better to zigzag your way ahead?

Thank you for writing in to Dear MxM, your Virtual Friend, Guide and Philosopher 🙂 While your question is both interesting and relevant in today’s context, the answer is likely to be a shade biased, thanks to my own experiences at work !
Honestly, there is no dictum or Gospel on what is the ideal length of one’s stint at a media house ; Neither is there an ideal age/ experience level to handle a specific role. All this is entirely individual led and will always be so…thankfully.

What is important really, is the kind of learning you get at your current work place. As I have always said , master your craft and be rest assured, career and the rest will follow, no matter what.

Yes, in today’s environment its considered sacrilege to stick on to one company beyond 2 years. A move is meant to satisfy the never ending desire for money or a fancier designation.

Having been in the HR consulting space as well, I have rarely seen any other objective behind quick moves. but then no objective = no learning = no growth.

Probably why that despite the younger, fast track media professionals being omnipresent, it is still the old bandicoots (yours truly included!) who are still talked/ written about. Maybe our generation did a few things right, eh ?

Having said this, If it works well for you ; Just Do it, Man !!!!


We read about what happened in Volkswagen. But in many ways, our media also knowingly does out substandard stuff. Your comments, Sir ?

The difference my friend is that, in media there is no Emission Test !

Jokes apart , Lets examine the publishing industry for instance….  Leading brands are no longer read for news, so much so, that a simple query on who edits the paper will go unanswered !

Substandard is a state of mind in this context. The dumbing down of content has been a well orchestrated intervention that has really worked well in the marketplace. Finally it is the audience that decides….. Hence infotainment crazy audience = dumbed down content = media that sells = win win !

Driving a car isn’t like absorbing media. Driving is a right brain activity and media ( Television , Radio etc) is a left brain exercise. Standards are set by the right brain. The left brain purely assimilates, sensitises and transfers to the subconscious.

Now, if this answer hasn’t made you forget your question, then all i can say is ‘ start using the left brain my friend ‘.


I find a lot of publications just picking up photographs from Google without adequate permissions… haven’t they heard of intellectual property rights?

This is a huge problem and as I have said before in this column, a typical fall out of the connected world. From entire theses to articles, poems, project reports and photographs are happily used as their own.

The point here is that while it is extremely difficult to monitor, it as also a demon that people themselves have encouraged.

I have personally seen so much of downloaded matter being used by even citizens of pre-eminence, that i now look at everything with suspicion followed by a pinch of salt or oregano.

Honestly, in the absence of a uniform code for use of the Internet, basic understanding of the Do’s and Dont’s is also limited. Most people dont even know what is prohibited and so on. Yes, the publications are more than aware but it’s also important that the senior management / editors sensitise the staff on Internet hygiene.

IPR is a highly ignored subject, to the extent that its difficult to even find a good IPR lawyer in most cities. So if you do have a solution , write in since you would be doing a yeoman service to IPR and Copyright law keepers.


I have just passed my MBBS examination and while studying for my MD entrance, I have realised that I want to be in the media like my father and other members of my family.
I feel guilty to quit medicine, but this is my calling ? Please help me, as if you would advise your own daughter.

Now, this is uncanny !!! My elder daughter has just become a Doctor and is now preparing for her PG entrance exams so your question is both interesting and challenging !

Having said that, my personal advice is to give this a good thought if you haven’t already. Its important to be sure that a move after five and half years of gruelling study is really what you want.

Introspect to identify your core interests. Did you for instance enjoy some parts of your M.B.B.S or was the entire time a sheer waste ? Did you feel good during your clinics ; interacting with patients etc ?
How much does your white coat mean to you today ? Would you consider stashing it away once for all ?
Think young lady, Think.

I have always advocated going after one’s passion since I believe success comes with that. You have to eat, sleep and live your passion. Yet, this is a confusing critical phase in your life and hence careful decision making is called for.

Maybe a small exercise of listing down all the pros and cons of both these options would give you some direction. Weigh them only after you have listed them dispassionately and completely true to heart.

Media is exciting and so is Medicine. We don’t get a chance to strut around in that formidable white coat though..Sigh !

Am sure you will take the right call. Don’t worry.

And yes, if you do need any more inputs, feel free to write in  anytime. All good wishes to you. Stay Blessed.

Oh boy ! Your questions are getting complex aren’t they ? And with my on-the-face answers, it won’t be long before I am banished by my own industry. Jungles of Denkali, here I come.

But then, this is imperative so be rest assured, I will be back with Dear MxM Thursday next,when we will see even more exciting Questions and Answers !

Because We Care, We honestly do. Amen.


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