Announcing: Mediaahperson of the Year on Dec 11, 2015

29 Oct,2015

Announcing the Mediaahperson of the Year! Our annual exercise in rewarding who we feel has done fantastic and exemplary work this year. The Awards will be announced online on Friday, December 11, 2015 at 12noon.


Our work on this started on January 1, 2015. The problem with many such initiatives – in the media and elsewhere – is that only those who are in the news in the last quarter of the year get awarded. So if you’ve done some splendid work in, say, February-March, you are generally forgotten.


Here’s what we did. Other than carefully monitoring each of our news headlines through the year, we also made notes, regularly.


This year, we have decided to award people in a bunch of categories:

1. Overall – THE Mediaahperson of the Year!

2. Mediaah Achievers of the Year in various categories –


News (Print & TV), Non-News (TV-Print), Radio (All), Digital (All)


Creative Advertising, Media Advertising, Other Advertising

Industry Association



And, please do note, we do not charge for any of the awards. Whether you  advertise with us or now – in the past, presently or in future, you are still eligible for awards.

Also, while we will announce the awards, we will also give our reasons on why we selected a certain award-winner. And we know this may upset a few, why we did not select someone.

Because these are the Mediaahperson of the Year awards. As transparent as we can get. As credible as any award can get.

As we mentioned, the Awards will be announced online on Friday, December 11, 2015 at 12 noon.

Important: Lobbying of any kind will be exposed on MxMIndia and in the social media


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