What the fur! All India Bakchod gets Uday Shankar cheeky in his communiqué

16 Sep,2015

By A Correspondent

Five years back, when our editor asked him to do a high five for Impact magazine, he was very hesitant on how it would impact his image. But those were early days still in his captaincy of Star India. Now, after having established itself as the #1 media professional in the country and as a gamechanger with the strides he has taken in sports broadcast, the former news journalist (and at heart still one), has been dramatically (and pleasantly) kewl in a press release we received on Tuesday.

The communiqué was about how comedy entity All India Bakchod (referred to AIB to prevent the mouthing of an expletive in its name… chod, if you will still didn’t get it). And this is how Shankar’s quote read: “”I am told that based on extensive, exhaustive research, AIB are considered mildly entertaining and we should give them a show on our network. I have complete faith that we will regret this in the months to come.”

We pinched ourselves. Did we read right? Is this the same Star India CEO who is always propah in his ways?

The quote from Ajit Mohan, Head of Hotstar, was equally irreverent. “We are sort of excited to bring AIB’s brand of mature humor to our platform. This may be the start of a new era of quality content in India, I am told. Janta hamein maaf karein,” it said.

Not surpisingly some copy-and-paste journos jointly simply Control-C-V-ed the release.

We didn’t. We are MxMIndia.

Okay, dudes, and if you notice we are trying to get effing hip and mother-effing happening without using Hindi gaalis like MCBC, but English expletives which make us sound very evolved.

No, let’s leave all the smart talk to You Shanx and his boys and babes. Yo man!

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