We’ve finally understood the awards code: Sam Balsara

14 Sep,2015

So near, but yet so far?

On the contrary, it’s more like going from nowhere to somewhere. I’m personally delighted that we made it to the runners-up Emvie of The Year because the way it started, it was a little scary for us. It’s been a fantastic season for us on the whole. I think Madison has finally understood the awards code. We always knew we were very good at our work, but somewhere in our awards entries, something was lacking.


You think sending entries from various Madison arms as one unit may have helped?

In a way you could say that. We persuaded a lot of our people to give up on their tags. But I think our performance tonight has been better than it has ever been in the past. We’ve always been in the Top Three. But this time in the Emvies, we were at Number Two for the first time.


What does an award like this mean for an agency which is well-known for its work?

It doesn’t mean too much but also means a lot because it energises us and gladdens our heart to see that we’re being recognised. Unlike some other agencies, Madison won these awards for a large number of clients. What delights me is that we’re producing outstanding work, not for one or two clients, but we won today for Mondelez, Asian Paints, Marico and Godrej. For Cadbury, we had eight in the shortlist, and converted all eight. For Marico, we had 11 in the shortlist and converted eight. So our track record tonight has been rather good.


Now the challenge is to maintain this pace…

Yes, that indeed is a challenge but I think we’re up to it. We’re doing lots of things at Madison. In fact, as we speak, we’ve launched a massive programme called Madison Next. We flagged off one of the first big initiatives of Madison Next, which is a four-day programme on digital. There are about 75 people going through a four-day programme on adopting digital as a way of life.


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