There Is No Alternative to Arnab!

01 Sep,2015


We don’t know whether you would consider this news good or bad.


But here’s a fact: despite all that some of us may say about the Arnabification of television news, he rules the English news space.  He dominates cooler conversation and college canteen chatter. His Newshour clearly sets the agenda for what India chats about the night and morning after.


The other day, one overheard this conversation between two professionals on a Mumbai-Bhubaneswar flight. “Arnab dekha. Kya chutney banaya woh guest ka!”


We now have data to prove that when there’s no Arnab Goswami on Times Now, viewers go elsewhere.


We also requested BARC on looking at how other English news channels fare when Arnab is also absent. Interestingly viewers do move to other channels, though that’s not the case in the Hindi general entertainment channel (GEC) space where the absence of Kapil Sharma may have impacted Colors, but didn’t see other GEC ratings leapfrog.


Go through the slide show.  And, yes, Times Now may as well call itself ‘Arnab Now’.


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One response to “There Is No Alternative to Arnab!”

  1. Deadlyrocker says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I couldn’t stand Arnab earlier as to me, he came across as over-confident, egoist et al but today, I find the man a savior of sorts for the country. I love the way in which he handles the politicians and more save for that one occasion when he interviewed Amitabh Bachchan – that was very disappointing – as Arnab almost cringed in AB’s presence. There were a million issues Arnab could have grilled him on but even on the sensitive issue of Bofors, Arnab let go. Having said all that, I salut him today – for being vocal on all sensitive issues, the manner in which he has sent a message to Rakesh Maria w.r.t the Indrani/Sheena Bora case and more. I would love to work for him.