Sheena Bora case becomes the top story on Hindi and English news: TAM analysis

09 Sep,2015

The Top stories for Week 35, 2015 saw a High Profile Sheena Bora alleged murder case with former media owner Indrani  Mukerjea as one of the accused, along with the news based on demand of reservation by the Patel community in Gujarat. The Sheena Bora case was given a high priority in terms of coverage (26% of overall content), whereas the Patel reservation case received 6% share in coverage. This was determined by analysis done by the S-Group of TAM Media Research.


  • The PATEL Reservation was the prime focus in the beginning of Week 35, 2015. But, as soon as the Sheena Bora case saw the light of the day, news channels started covering it more heavily.


  • In Week 35, Hindi News Genre witnessed highest biewership on 25th and  26 August, where Patel Reservation case reached its peak and the Sheena Bora case news had just broken.
  • The Sheena Bora case was dedicated 30% duration and hence benefitted as it received 38% of all the viewership on English news channels, whereas on Hindi news channels, it was given 22% coverage and it received only 20% of all the viewership.
  • Sheena Bora case received a reach of 28%, whereas Patel reservation case received 24% sampling levels on the Hindi News Channels. (Hindi News – TG : CS 15+ ; Market : HSM)


  • News X and Times Now covered the Sheena Bora case most heavily. NDTV 24×7 on the other hand dedicated the least time to both the top stories with 23% duration as compared to the genre average of 34%, which slipped to 5th position in this week (from 3rd position in the last week)
  • Within the English news genre, Times Now gained maximum viewership on the coverage of the Sheena Bora News owing to the leading News Anchor – Arnab Goswami who contributed to 49% of the Viewership with reference to other Anchors on Times Now.


Considering the high interest levels shown by news channels in the Sheena Bora case it would be interesting to see if their focus remains unchanged in the coming week.


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