Four! Credible, Ethical, Profitable

09 Sep,2015


It’s our fourth anniversary today.


And while we are not having any major celebrations,  it is important that we don’t forget this milestone.


On September 9, 2011, on the auspicious day of Onam, MxMIndia was born.


With a clear vision, but with dollops of idealism. We wanted to be a B2B media publication, but we didn’t want to link advertising with editorial content.


All our employees needed to agree to a set of Code of Ethics. Our columnists and staff reporters have always had a free hand to write whatever they wish to, as long as they are doing it with responsibility. And this MxMIndia vouches for.


Consequently, we have had to suffer a loss of revenue. Many advertisers blacked us out. Some still do.


Our response.  We re-engineered ourselves. We don’t depend on advertisers for our bottomline.


In Year 2 and 3 of our operations we looked at syndicating our content to earn revenues. Some of the world’s largest media companies inked a pact with us to source our content. Because they trusted us. They know that we will not compromise on content just because a certain company is a regular advertiser. Yes, there have been occasions where we may have erred in our judgment, but it was not definitely not with revenues in mind.

We are profitable, month-on-month, but we are still paying back some old dues. So to those naysayers that you can’t run a business without compromising on content, here’s proof that it’s possible to do things the Right Way.


~ ~


We don’t want to blow our trumpets on this day. Though we would love to. And have some reason to do so.


We wish to rededicate ourselves to our readers.  Yes, we need to take care of our stakeholders, we need to service and solicit advertisers, but our primary allegiance is to our Readers.




Sincere thanks to all those who have been associated with MxMIndia since 2011. To our advertisers and benefactors who have believed in us. Thank you, each and every one of you!




Pradyuman Maheshwari

Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO

September 9, 2015


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