Maruti Suzuki takes ‘Above the Ordinary’ route for S-CROSS

03 Sep,2015

By A Correspondent


S-CROSS by Maruti Suzuki comes with the perfect balance of power, comfort and luxury. Its spirited cross-over looks, premium interiors, rich features combined with massive torque, power, [two diesel engine options: DDiS 200 and DDiS 320] superior ride and handling is the perfect offering for today’s new age customer. The S-CROSS, with its offer of power & performance and the comfort & refinement of a sedan is now the new “premium cross-over” in India. It is the first model to be retailed exclusively through NEXA, the newly launched automotive experience.


The S-CROSS is all about power and luxury, and is targetted at consumers who like taking the rough with the smooth- the one who loves driving on city roads as well as the adventure and thrill of a rough drive with no compromise on luxury. The communication showcases this and also highlights its crossover identity along with establishing the fact that it comes equipped with the best and most powerful engine in its category. This makes the campaign stands true when it says, “Above the Ordinary.


The TVC is based on the same thought and shows the S-CROSS being driven through dusty roads by someone who is seeking the shortest route to reach work. The style and pace seems to imply that there’s a young brat in the driving seat, until you get a glimpse of the man who is driving towards his workplace- an art museum. As he drives into the museum, he sees people admiring art pieces kept outside and one sees him quickly park the S-CROSS, and the doors open up in a jiffy. As he moves towards his office, everyone leaves the art pieces to behold and admire the new creation the S-CROSS- the Above the Ordinary, premium cross-over.


Elvis Sequeira

Speaking on the campaign, Elvis Sequeira, COO, Hakuhodo Percept, said, “We had actually a dual task before us. One was to bring to life the excitement we felt when we saw and then test-drove the S-CROSS. And the other was to position it in such a way that it would match the expectations set by NEXA Experience that we had just launched a few weeks earlier. Since the S-CROSS would be the first model off the block, the communication had to convey the same sense of premium-ness and exclusivity. I believe, the campaign and TVC do a great job in setting the bar high for car launches in India.”


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