Kochi Summit: Mini-AdAsia, only better

07 Sep,2015

Jaisurya Das: 10 Takeaways from the IAA Silver Jubilee Summit 

By Jaisurya Das


The largest media and advertising Summit Kerala has ever hosted came to a close with lots of plaudits for its organisers. Here’s a doggy bag of takeaways from IAA India’s Silver Jubilee Summit


1. Brands are made by People, says Amitabh Kant, Secretary, Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India


2. The next big star will not be from Films & Television. He/She will undoubtedly be from the Digital World: Shah Rukh Khan


3. Focus on Solutions. Take that extra step. Don’t give up: Sachin Tendulkar


4. Advertising needs a new business model. A new world order is where you make money because you do good. Today’s marketing is about co-creation; tomorrow’s marketing is about co-action . Cindy Gallop, Founder and former Chair of BBH, USA and founder of the MakeLoveNotPorn, New York


5. Put your best in what you do and people reach out themselves to work for you: Ritesh Agarwal, 21-year-old founder of OYO Rooms


6. Think of relevance instead of disruption. Online Companies will have limited Reach. Only one can become #1: Fernando Ortiz-Ehmann, Senior Strategist, Saffron Brand Consultants, Madrid


7. Social is set to disrupt all that we believed is gospel in marketing . All the four Ps are set to be disrupted But social media cannot make your brand better: Simon Kemp, Regional Managing Director, We Are Social, Singapore


8. It’s not easy for an Indian company to build globally acceptable brands. Understanding the equity of tradition is critical: Sanjiv Puri, President FMCG, ITC Ltd


9. Engagement and conversation is the essence of a social network like Twitter: Parminder Singh, Managing Director, Twitter (South East Asia/ India/ MENA).


10. Content is no longer about newspapers and magazines. It’s about creating properties that are exclusive. It’s important to be in the Content Business and not the Advertising Business: Rahul Welde, Vice President – Media, Unilever Asia, Africa, Middle East, Turkey & Russia


This article first appeared in dna of brands dated September 7, 2015



Sanjeev Kotnala: Mini-AdAsia, only much better! 

By Sanjeev Kotnala


The International Advertising Association India Chapter’s Silver Jubilee Summit ended at Kochi with a bang. It was almost like a mini-AdAsia, but with much better content. All sessions were rich in content and context. They referred often to global examples, but the talks were tailored to the Indian experience and relevance.


The tempo was set on the inaugural day by a much-appreciated session by Amitabh Kant, on Branding India. The format — banking on keynote speakers to deliver precise and focussed content, rather than have a panel discussion — was a huge success. A 50:50 mix of Indian and foreign speakers delivered engaging messages on ‘What’s coming next’, which was the theme of the summit.


The presentations that brought the house to attention were ‘Make your own change- designing the future you want’ by Cindy Gallop, founder of MakeLoveNotPorn; ‘Technology as an Aggregator’, by Parminder Singh, MD Twitter (SE Asia/India/MENA); ‘How programmatic works’ by Michel de Rjik, CEO Xasis Asia pacific and ‘Meet the Champion Disruptor’, a conversation with Ritesh Agarwal, Founder of OYO Rooms.


One must make special mention of Ralph Simon, Chairman and CEO, Mobilium Global Group who incorporated local nuances and current Indian topics (even delivered in Hindi) while speaking on ‘What’s coming next to brands and products through Mobile’.


In India, three things work the best: Cinema, cricket and politics/religion. The summit had elements of all three with sessions by Shah Rukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar and Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev.


Not to forget the mega-evening at Bolgatty Palace by Mathrabhumi. It was a provided a rich experience of Kerala culture, street cuisine and hospitality. Kudos to the IAA team for arranging lovely hotel packages and a reasonable delegation fee structure that ensured a lot of regular people – including students from Kerala — could attend. It was a pleasant surprise to find most of the sessions sticking to the time limit.


If I rank the summit a nine out of 10, rather than give it full marks, there are three reasons for it. First, because of the lack of effective Wifi access. Second, for cutting short many talks on Day 3 only to allow Arnab Goswami a lengthy session on ‘Why I chose to disrupt TV News’, which was already covered at Goafest. And third, for not inviting me to the Chill Room! 🙂


Sanjeev Kotnala is a senior media and marketing/brand strategy consultant. This article first appeared in dna of brands dated September 7, 2015




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