Jaldi 5 with Rajesh Kejriwal: We started work on Designyatra 2016 in June itself

18 Sep,2015

This interview ought to have appeared on Monday, but understandably Kyoorius Founder CEO was busy winding up, and couldn’t respond to these by deadline. But here we are: a quick Q&A with Rajesh Kejriwal. Read on…


01. What do you think would be the biggest takeaway for delegates from the 10th edition of Kyoorius Designyatra?

The biggest takeaway for delegates would be that if you do what pumps your heart and do it with all the passion, money will follow sooner or later. What is important is to do works that is disruptive and gives you an immense sense of satisfaction while it helps solve the problem for the client.


02. Do you sometimes think that given the kind of content you have at Designyatra it would possibly be good to call it a conference on creative thinking than just design, which it actually is?

You are right, it has moved beyond “design” in its simplistic term to creativity to innovation in a more defining manner.


03. We say Ogilvy winning most Blue Elephants at the awards from amongst all entrants, and even overall ad agencies have done better than traditional design shops? Shape of things to come? Could we see design agencies getting alienated?

I don’t think so, in fact I see it as a booster to design studios to participate more and more. Advertising agencies, by the nature of its business, have more work and more budgets. Secondly designers are normally not so kicked about awards though its slowly seeing a shift. And this shift is happening primarily because Kyoorius Awards are seen to be credible and transparent.


04. So have you started preparations for Designyatra 2016? Any early indicators on what to expect?

We started work on Designyatra 2016 in June itself. We already have a few speakers confirmed, we are firming up the theme at the moment, we will have frozen the dates in the next two weeks – so yes, preparations are in full swing.


05. Ten years of Designyatra? How are you going to grow the franchise in the design arena (the Dubai and interiors/architectural design events you had once spoken of haven’t happened yet)?

Melt happened and our other initiatives took a backseat for the moment. As Kyoorius we are very keen to do something in the realm of Space – Architecture, Interior, Furniture, Lighting, etc and we will announce something in 2016. We are now very keen to take Designyatra as a festival beyond India for the simple reason that while we have a large audience wanting to come in from various parts of Asia, we do not have the infrastructure in Goa to make this happen for beyond 1500 people.


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