Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: My boss says I am no good because I am unable to undertake ‘settings’ for adsales

10 Sep,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Social media has taken over our lives. I was at an interesting conference last week and while some presentations focussed on social media, almost all the others mentioned it. The thousand-strong audience were rapt in attention, yet took time off to post photographs and snippets to their social accounts.


I noticed that an informal interaction between Bollywod’s icon Shah Rukh Khan and Karunya, the gushing fan went viral within minutes. In fact, even before she returned groggily to her seat!


Life isn’t ours anymore.  It’s more and more inclusive as the days go by, much like the Selfie Revolution, more often than once, creating an occasion when there isn’t any !


I would imagine it’s very tough to always be your photogenic self, ever-prepared for that selfie… stick or otherwise. The line between personal and public is blurred by the immense reach of the Social Media platform, where everyone is a Celebrity.


Page 3 has lost its meaning. It’s people too. Social has taken over our Lives. Amen.

Well, no more time for hypotheses. Cut to this week’s Questions and Our Answers:

Last week, my boss told me that I am no good at work because I am unable to undertake ‘settings’ for sales contracts. Basically, he meant that I should be ready to bribe clients and/or media planners so that I can get ads? Does this really happen? Can you advise how I should go about it?

Greetings! Thank for writing in… and how!


Once this column goes live tomorrow, two possibilities exist ;

1. Yours truly is ostracised from the fraternity with a few broken bones for good measure. Obviously I will cease to exist as the ‘MxM Agony Uncle’ either.


2. You my friend, get fired, fried and fed to the falcons.


But, jokes apart, I wouldn’t work at such a company long. If they do resort to such methodology to get business, it is obvious their brands have no intrinsic value to offer to its constituents.


If selling means greasing palms (or so your boss claims!), then it’s worse than the worst of roles to be in. Fortunately my friend, this is not the case.


I would suggest that you start examining options in the market in order for you to be part of a professional work environment. Believe me, there are numerous corporates that can give you a enriching work environment. All the very best to you.


Sir, why is it that IIT-IIMs are treated with awe and given such respect when they actually don’t bring too much to the table in terms of knowledge?

I wouldn’t agree with you on this. A majority of IIM graduates do bring a fair amount of knowledge to the table. I have personally hired and worked with them, and it would be unfair to say they are not equipped.


As far as the awe and respect is concerned, it is entirely based on the environment they are in. They are quick on their feet, have strong soft skills, clearly analytical and also strong on the financial aspects of business.


Hence, am not too sure how you have this impression about the IIMs. In fact I would go a step further and urge you to enrol for one of their executive programmes. This will not only hold you in good stead from a career point of view, but also give you a better perspective of the IIM acumen.


Does one have to have done a special course so as to get a job as a Media Planner and Buyer?

Yes, ideally a qualification in media management would give you the edge during the recruitment process.


Experience in advertising sales, with a large credible media house is also valued for media planning/ buying jobs. Media planning involves a lot of number-crunching and negotiation skills making it a fairly specialised job.


Hence, go for it provided you have the acumen , patience and the ability to negotiate the life out of people!


The world is your stage. Play on.


My boss is a veteran in the business and is well-respected by everyone in in the industry. Every Diwali, I find his cabin flooded with gifts. More than feel happy about it, I am embarrassed. Please help in clearing my misgivings.

Am very happy to hear of your sentiment on this horrible practice. This is nothing short of accepting bribes from people and is undoubtedly despicable professional conduct.


I must add that both parties are equally responsible in this case. While one will take his pound of flesh, the other will compromise the values of the company he represents.


People often forget that the market loses all its respect for the individual, making them a pawn in the armtwisting game. Stay far away from these practises, however festive them may be.


Buy your own dry fruit box. It tastes better. Always. Cheers my friend. Be well.


Thank you Readers for the overwhelming response week after week. Somewhere we must be doing something right! Do let us know if you think otherwise… Do take good care of yourselves.


Till we meet next week then, Sayonara it is.


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