Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: My ‘tuning’ with the new boss is not good…

03 Sep,2015

By Jaisurya Das


Greetings and Welcome to this edition of Dear MxM.


I met and interacted with an interesting cross section of sales professionals over the past few weeks of my travel.  Maybe it is time we go back to the basics.


The Three Biggest Myths Of Selling deveined for safe consumption…


1. A Salesman is Born, Not Made.

Now how many times have we heard this ludicrous statement…!

There is no born Salesman. One doesn’t exit the womb to start Selling!

Selling is a Science for God’s sake, and this is precisely why it is taught and learnt all over the world. So,the next time someone tells you that he’s a born salesman, remember he’s hallucinating.


2. A Good Salesman can Sell Any Product.

Sounds great doesn’t it?  Unfortunately it’s a Blatant Lie and whoever said this, has obviously sold nothing ever.

If you have a bad Product, there is sweet nothing you can do. Credit the consumer with some sense, if not for common sense. It’s true for Brands and we have seen this time and again. Bad Brands do not sell. Period.


3. A Good Salesman can sell to Anyone ! 

Eskimos and refrigerators we grew up on. But why in the world would the Happy Eskimo buy a Refrigerator??

Hallucination, Fertile Imagination, call it whatever you like but remember it’s yet another Blatant Lie!

Try selling me an ashtray. I don’t need one; I don’t smoke.

It’s virtually impossible to have someone buy anything if there isn’t an inherent need.  End of Story.

Fairy tales and fables exist in abundance. Probably sensible to devein them from time to time.

Friends, no more hallucination and rumination. It’s time for the real truth….

Your Questions, Our Answers. Candid, honest.  Because We Care.

Read on….


Sir, one of the MxMIndia’s star columnists – Mr Amith Prabhu – has recommended that all PR professionals must attend one or two Indian and international PR conferences. It’s an investment with great RoI, he has suggested. While I agree with him, I find that the expenses on attending some of these conferences is  considerable, and given that one doesn’t know the longevity of one’s employment, I wonder whether it’s a worthwhile spend. What is your advice?

Undoubtedly Mr Prabhu is right, conferences and seminars help build perspective and catalyse learning while providing a forum to keep abreast with the latest in the industry.

Additionally, these conferences are a great opportunity to meet peers, senior professionals and top-of-the-line practitioners. The rest is really left to you!

I would think it a highly worthwhile investment to sign up for good conferences . I must however add that it is important to check with practitioners and the like to decide on whether the conference in question is slated to be good. A conference is as good as its speakers, so keep a watch on the list of professionals presenting.

I do hope you get to attend the cream of conferences (incidentally, you must tell your HR department to have you and others, nominated officially, much like discerning companies).

All the very best to you for a successful career in the PR industry.


My boss was the head of sales and marketing, and he was suddenly moved to a different role. My tuning with the new boss (don’t know if tuning is the right word, so please correct) is not very good, and every morning I wake up to the feeling that it’s a bad morning and I shouldn’t go to work. I think I know you will tell me to wake up and smell the coffee, but I am still writing to you for your advice.

No, Don’t smell the coffee, but do tell me what you mean by tuning?
“Setting with the Boss”, “Tuning” etc are nothing but signs of professional insecurity. Am sorry to say this my friend, but get your act together!
Relying on a relationship that you may have with your superior is no way to make a career. Remember a boss can change (akin to your present predicament!), but the legacy of performance must go on.
You are judged finally by your performance in Black & White and not on the depth of “Tuning” you have with your Boss.
Get cracking, friend! Start moving and proving your mettle with work, not good internal PR, else you may just find  that you become part of the furniture while the rest move on. The choice is yours!


I had read a similar mail in the past, but my problem is severe. I find that that my new boss’s behaviour with women is not good. Nothing has happened so far, but the way he looks at women and often even cracks personal remarks is a worry. My sister also works in the same organisation and I am worried for her.

Are we overthinking this? Has your sister ever been at the receiving end of any remark or unacceptable behaviour?
My friend, if the answer is no , then i suggest you focus on your work and forget about the Boss. Am sure your Sister knows how best to take care of herself.
Honestly, I would think twice before making such allegations. In the absence of concrete evidence to prove your belief, this amounts to Defamation.
No! I have no mercy when it comes to sexual harassment incidents, and I have always advocated the most stringent action, yet I have seen many a case that was concocted for various reasons.
Criminal jurisprudence states that the accused is innocent until proved guilty . This is in fact, the basic tenet of our criminal jurisprudence system.
For the time being, let’s follow this, what say?


Sir, I have heard that you moved from hotel management to journalism? How? Why? Any regrets?

Hotel management to sales actually. No, no regrets whatsoever.
As luck would have it , I was hired on campus (after my hotel management course ) by a leading 5-star chain but they decided to place me in the Front Office. It was fun encountering a plethora of guests, each unique yet the role demanded very little of me .

My passion for sales saw me finally walking out of the hotel (literally!) and striding into the sun, a good hour later, I was sitting across the table getting briefed on the fine nuances and USP of a popular water purifier. This stint changed my perspective on a career and made me a toughie who wouldn’t take NO for an answer.
Yes, I learnt sales with a purifier strapped on my back. Encountering umpteen door slams, rebukes and the like. A few months later I heard off a media sales opening based at Trivandrum to work with the numero uno media group in the country.
This is where it all began…… Hotel Management to Sales, Brand Management, Profit Centre Management , Publishing etc.
So my friend , the ‘How’ is explained, the ‘Why’ is simply because I wanted the excitement of sales… the adrenalin of challenge!


And my friends, we will back next week with your Questions and our Answers.
Maybe a para or two on things that matter as well . Do feel free to write in and tell us whether you liked/ disliked our introduction on the ‘ Myths of Selling ‘ .

Dear MxM , Because We Care.

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