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21 Sep,2015


By A Correspondent


An alert. The study on the basis of which this report has been written has nothing to do with India. So why the fur are we wasting your time on the the first day of the week? Because its findings are near-applicable for India too.


Plus it’s not commissioned by some small little mobile services company cooking up responses to an internet-based study. This is commissioned by Omnicom Media Group in partnership with Epinion. The study is titled The Four Cs of Mobile Advertising and is centred around mobile advertising trends in Southeast Asia. The study redefines four key areas that are in the headline and that help in navigating the intricacies of mobile advertising – channel, context, content and connect.


A few key findings form the study


1. 77% of the surveyed respondents have clicked on or read a mobile ad in the past month, among which, 52% were intentional and 48% were unintentional clicks.


2. Channel-wise, the most effective advertising mobile channels are communication related: email is high on both notice (45%) and click through (25%), followed by Facebook newsfeed and animated content or video ad on instant massaging app or website.


3. Context-wise, 77% prefer personalised ads or ads they can choose. 60% prefer entertaining ads or ads that reward for watching. The study finds that consumers will be happy to see ads if they get something in return.


4. 74% depend heavily on their phones to ease boredom. For content, their appetite for content does not stop at just entertainment or information. They are also looking for something with functional and practical value: self-improvement tips (43%), motivational or inspirational quotes (30%), recipes (27%) etc.


5. In terms of Connect, 60% of them use their smartphones while watching TV, at least four out of ten times. This is higher in Thailand (66%) and among the youngsters aged 15 – 24 (63%). 75% use their smartphone to interact with the TV content: either talking, sharing or searching for programme-related info (47%) or TV ad-related info (28%).


Commenting on the study, Guy Hearn, Chief Innovation Officer Omnicom Media Group said, “With saturated mobile phone penetration and growing ownership of smartphones, mobile advertising is integral for brands to connect with their audience. Despite the critical need for mobile advertising, many of us have no clear idea on how to capitalise it. One of the reasons is that while there is a lot of data available on consumers’ mobile usage, data on mobile advertising is still limited. This study unravels key insights which we hope will help marketers understand and leverage the power of mobile advertising.”



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